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  1. jchakraborty

    Feedback from Catalina Installation

    Followed your Step by Step install info on my 9700K, GIGABYTE z390 Master (as per suggested build). Copied the MultiBeast DIR into the USB. After 1st part of OS install, ran the MultiBeast but sp details given in the installer what EFI (if needed), once we yry on the suggested builds. What...
  2. jchakraborty

    Z87 support yet?

    Is there any solution yet to install hackintosh on z87 chipset
  3. jchakraborty

    ASUS motherboard P9X79 with intel 3820 Unibeast installation issue restart, or [PCI configuration

    I could not even load the installer with the copy of the Unibeast (which works perfectly fine on my other Gigabyte P45 GA-P45-UD3P motherboard). I tried all the ASUS motherboards, P9X79, P9X79Pro, SaberTooth with bios 0906 and all the way upto the latest version. The issue remains the same. I...