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  1. DeepHollow94

    [SOLVED] Temperature Cpu 8700k

    Hello everyone! I have a working 99% hackintosh, the GTX 1080 does not work, there are no drivers, and I do not read the cpu temperature, and the turbo boost does not work ... How can I do? I've attached my EFI folder
  2. DeepHollow94

    [SOLVED] Freeze Boot without USB

    Hi, I'm trying to install the clover bootloder, so I can start the mac partition without needing the attached usb. I installed clover and when I restarted the pc and entered the bootloader, there were no mac apfs partitions. So reading around I saw that a solution was to copy the efi / clover /...
  3. DeepHollow94

    Screen resolution

    hi guys, I managed to install mojave but I have a problem with the video resolution, it is almost 1024x768 and I have a monitor 2k !! I have a nvidia gtx 1080, how can I do? I did not use unibeast because I could not get into the installation, so I created the pennette with clover and everything...
  4. DeepHollow94

    [Solved] Stop signal after boot

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install mojave on my pc with: 8700k asrock z370 extreme 4 16gb ram corsair vengeance led 3000 Psu EVGA supernova g3 650w dissi Deepcool ex240 Vga Zotac 1080 amp extreme ssd crucial mx500 250gb I followed the whole guide here on the forum but when I select the disk where...
  5. DeepHollow94

    New build 1700 euro video editing on sierra and gaming on win10

    Hi guys! i would like to build a new workstation for my job. I am a video editor and i work on Finalcut. At now i have a very old imac 27", i would like to replace him. Can you recommend the best configuration to install sierra in a stable way? in my free time I also like to play, so I would...