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  1. nzalog

    Thank Tonymac and everyone else for all your hard work!

    Just wanted to say thank you to this awesome community. I made my first hackintosh around 2007 and have had one around ever since. I finally took a big leap and bought my first MacBook Air and I don't think I'd ever even consider it if I didn't build and use a hackintosh. Anyways thanks for...
  2. nzalog

    Intel Matrix RAID possible on OSX?

    So I am considering converting a file server that is currently running windows into a mac based file server. I'm just curious if there would be any problems with OSX recognizing my raid array or if it would just show up as a bunch of disks... I'm running 4x2tb in raid 5, does anyone have any...
  3. nzalog

    /etc/fstab works now?

    So in lion I've been using the fstab file to prevent mounting of certain drives at boot. I could have swore they disabled fstab am I mistaken?
  4. nzalog

    So is the ATI 6870 probably the best choice?

    I was looking for a well supported video card and after much reading I came to the conclusion that the 6870 works OOB and 100% functional. Any other recommendations or comments before I go out to purchase this? :?:
  5. nzalog

    SLEEP - post your fixes here!

    Just curious about if there are any fixes to all the Lion sleep issues. Personally I have been able to get sleep working after the AppleRTC.kext that was posted in a previous thread. My latest issue is that I have to press the keyboard a few times in order for the computer to wake up fully...
  6. nzalog

    Is there any benefit to going to Gigabyte?

    So I got my build advice from and they suggested on getting a "asus p7p55d-e pro". To me as far as I know everything seems to be working, is there any benefit or advantage whether big or small to going with a Gigabyte board instead?