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  1. partimers

    High Sierra GA-Z68X-UD3 working *ONLY* when booting from USB

    Hello, I managed to install High Sierra successfully on my setup, and it boots fine from Unibeast USB stick. Once I run Multibeast to install Clover to the HD, and with the needed options (Realtek 2.1.1 network and 3rd Party USB 3 drivers only) and try to boot from the hard disk I get an error...
  2. partimers

    Do I need a Discrete GPU?

    Currently I have my build (show in my profile) and I am contemplating moving to a more compact build around Gigabyte GA-Z270N-Gaming 5 + i7 7700 + 16Gb DDR4 + Fractal Design Nano S. I am not a gamer but have a daughter who plays (not heavily) LoL, and I use Lightroom and Photoshop. In light of...
  3. partimers

    Any success with USB 3.0 Bluray Burners?

    Hello Any one here had success with USB external bluray burners to recommend? I intend to use it for archiving data only not movies. Any luck with us 3.0 speeds? As it is a lot of data usb2 will take ages to burn.
  4. partimers

    Gigabyte quality going down?

    Hello all, my current hackintosh was built back in 2012 based on GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3. 5 years of good service and now it is time to refresh my build. I am leaning towards a smaller/quiet (as my previous)/no frills build. Considering Fractal Design Define C Mini, and a mATX mobo, and there is the...
  5. partimers

    Bluetooth: Magic Trackpad 100% working, Apple Wireless Keyboard Dropping

    Hello, Running 10.8.2, I have a Magic TrackPad and a Apple Wireless Keyboard connected to my Hackintosh via a Belkin USB Bluetooth adapter like this one Both work quite well, and usually even sleep/wake works (I am using UEFI on a GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3. The...
  6. partimers

    Apple LED Cinema Display (non-Thunderbolt)

    I am almost stopping to fight against the will of having an Apple Cinema Display for my Hackintosh. But, Apple never makes it easier. It seems Thunderbolt for Hackintoshes (using discrete GPUs) is stil far far away in the future (would like your views on that). So I may resort to an...
  7. partimers

    What is the root cause of AMD 6xxx issues (white screen)

    Hello, anyone knowing why users with Radeon 6xxx are facing issues, specially white screens upon booting with UniBeast? This card is supposed to work natively with OSX (at least it did in Lion). I suppose it is still natively supported on ML as there are several recent Mac with this GPU...
  8. partimers

    No Network after installing OS X Lion Server

    I upgraded my box from Snow Leopard to Lion and got it running flawlessly (spleep, sound, etc) using the proposed Xmove, Multibeast method. Then I decided to install OS X Lion Server. Apparently it broke my network as after running the, I could not see my ethernet card on Network...
  9. partimers

    Recomendation on internal Blu-Ray ROM Drive

    Hello, I am considering buying an internal Blu-Ray drive, primarily to rip my collection of Blu-Rays to my media library (XBMC fan over here). Should I be worried with compatibility with Mac OS X, or are they supported like DVD drives (meaning basically no special driver required). I must...
  10. partimers

    Compatible SATA II Controller

    Hello, I am planning to run a Mac OS X server on my GA-EP45-UD3P. Right now all the SATA connectors are taken, and I would need further two hard disks. What would be a recommended SATA II (3.0 Gbps) controller? No need for RAID, just a plain SATA controller that works (if possible out of the...
  11. partimers

    Fanless (or silent) GPU

    Hello, <- Look at my specs. I am a silent-PC freak, and currently I run a silent Hackintosh on this hardware. I am intending to upgrade to a Sandy Bridge build, most likely a GA-Z68-... board with Core i5 2500K. Looks like I will be able to keep CPU still fanless. Question: what would be...