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  1. jemboy

    Issue Yosemite on MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)

    impossible to boot on my yosemite SSD since i change my motherboard to the MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) my old one working fine burn. here is the message i have when i boot any help please ....
  2. jemboy

    D-Link DWA-131 W. Mavericks ??????

    Someone can confirm it work please? coz i just install mavericks all is fine except Wifi, my old Netgear 111v3 don"t work, so i'm going to work a new dongle and i see D-Link was Ok with Mountain Lion so what about Mavericks ? Thanks Guys.
  3. jemboy

    Why only 1 of my 2 screens wt ATI Radeon 6870 is recognized?

    He say, 6 X X X ....... what can i do? because, i can't at this time playing any video games... Maybe i need to check multibeast again? Thanks To help me...
  4. jemboy

    Network connection failed without Rboot

    HI, i use Netgear dongle WG111V3 on my Z68XP-UD3 (Osx Lion 10.7.2) and with Rboot all works fine, dongle is detected and network perfectly work. WIthout Rboot Dongle missing... I try Lin2mac driver on multibeast problem keep going on.... Any idea for solved my problem ?? Thanks :)
  5. jemboy

    CustoMac Pro Builds 2 SnowLeo10.6.8 100% Works ! Now Lion :)

    Hi, This is my second hackintosh project i choose this time a real pro configuration with Tony tips & suggestion : i choose this configuration: Uploaded with All composant have been shippped yesterday & i receive in few hours, so i want to ask some questions before to expert...
  6. jemboy

    Audio problem with my firewire Motu traveler

    My config is Lion 10.7.2 GA EP43 DS3L Q6600 Nvidia 9600GT Motu Traveler firewire i use pci card in motherboead for firewire, cause no fw on this Gygabyte You can see/hear my problem in this video i make for the post The sound is cut, img lag, all the...
  7. jemboy

    Boot loop when installing Lion [NOT FIXED FOR ME]

    after create install partition, my computer boot loop .... just have time to see apple logo and hear one "bIp" and computer reboot.... any help is welcome :) THANKS !!
  8. jemboy

    Nvidia 9600GT on snow leopard 10.6.8 HELP please for a noob.

    My config is Gigabyte GA EP43 DS3L Quad Core Q6600 Nvidia gt9600 and for the sound (i'm a music produced) i use Motu Traveler I 've install snow leopard 10.6.8 work fine, net includ with my netgear WG111V3 but for the graphic OMG i'm a noob, i d'ont have any idea what the good way for me...