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  1. rehpotsirhc

    ASUS GeForce GTX 660 OC DirectCU $129.99 after $30 MIR
  2. rehpotsirhc

    iMac Concept Inspired by Early Macintosh Desktops Scroll down for English.
  3. rehpotsirhc

    Low Profile GT 640 GDDR5 Graphics Card $32.99 After rebate. You need to use coupon code MASTERPASS23 and check out with MasterPass otherwise it's 39.99 after rebate Edit: The $30 rebate has expired
  4. rehpotsirhc

    Silverstone CP11 Ultra thing and low profile SATA cables

    I thought these cables might interest a few people on here with their ultra compact builds.
  5. rehpotsirhc

    Lian Li Desk PCs
  6. rehpotsirhc

    Harmon Audio Soundsticks III (refurb) $99.99 Free Shipping
  7. rehpotsirhc

    mSATA Solid State Drive SATA III 240GB $121.99
  8. rehpotsirhc

    GTX 650 - $59.99 after MIR
  9. rehpotsirhc

    Mod an XBOX 360 power brick for use with a picoPSU or other 12V needs

    This is a cool instructable on modding an original "fat" XBOX 360 power brick. The one he used is from a newer HDMI model which was more efficient and had a 150W brick, There is a slightly older one that came in 175W as well as the original brick with a metal tip on the output end and 3 pronged...
  10. rehpotsirhc

    Apple Unveils Panicked Man With No Ideas,33814/
  11. rehpotsirhc

    G5 DVD Eject methods

    I know that many people have soldered a switch to their optical drives, but is there a method to manually eject in a G5 case? Please post, repost, or link to anything relevant be it solder or solder free.
  12. rehpotsirhc

    New All Aluminum Fractal Design(?) Case Looks Like a Full Tower Mac Mini / Mac Pro Hybrid

    From the video it's a little ambiguous if the OEM manufacturer made this case for fractal, a different manufacturer or if they'll be bringing it to market on their own. It's an all aluminum design with sort of a single mac pro / G5 "foot" curving around the bottom but from front to back rather...
  13. rehpotsirhc

    Repurposing a Stock Intel Heatsink

  14. rehpotsirhc

    How to quickly hide a file or folder from spotlight

    You can add .noindex to the end of the file or folder name and it will be hidden from spotlight searches, pretty nifty.
  15. rehpotsirhc

    Dremel EZ Lock With Sheild

    I lost my EZ Lock hub when I moved so I went to the hardware store to replace it, and found this set:
  16. rehpotsirhc

    Automatic Punch

    This tool is invaluable for punching center points on metal. If you've ever had a drill bit "walk" out of place on you you'll know the value of a good starting point. The "automatic" part of this punch is that you only need to press down on the tool and it snaps a punchpoint in whatever you're...
  17. rehpotsirhc

    rehpotsirhc's G5

    Here is my G5 case so far. I only used a minimal number of screws and hung the CPU waterblock / pump by one of the mounts just to be able to take a picture. I still need to work on routing the SATA cables and many of the power cables but it's pretty much in its final form at this point. I...