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  1. scotteau

    High Sierra - kernel panic "Hub Controller" before every boot

    Hey guys, I manage to upgraded High Sierra from Sierra today, Everything is working except there is a kernel panic right before the system boots, it shows the crash screen. Then it is able to continue booting into the OS. Anyone has an idea what causes this? How do I dix this? Attached the...
  2. scotteau

    [Success]2011 Dell XPS8300 10.8

    After spent whole weekend on installing & tuning Mountain Lion, It finally works. Sorry about my english, not perfect but you will understand. so I have a 2011 Dell XPS 8300 desktop, previously installed Lion 10.7.3. I changed the wireless from Dell 1501 to Dell 1397, can’t really remember...
  3. scotteau

    [success] Dell 2011 xps 8300 hackintosh

    Finally have some time to share my experience of installing SL and Lion. It was fun, literally done it in trials and failures. Now I run lion 10.7.1 on my hackintosh. Here is my hardware spec: Dell XPS 8300 (early 2011) Intel i7-2600 3.4Ghz (Need to use...