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  1. thisguyiknow

    **Help me with understanding the anatomy of Nvidia kexts and GPU hardware acceleration**

    one hackintosh build I continually have to make is a snow leopard build for the multiple Pro Tools 9 HD computers required in our facility. These builds have come in many different forms; all in the attempt to build the fastest snow leopard build possible. Using a vanilla kernel the fastest...
  2. thisguyiknow

    Someone please tell me why 10.6.8 won't work with HD3000 GPU

    Intel dq77kb thin mini itx It seems to be the clear consensus that getting HD3000 to work in Snow Leopard is some 'holy grail' of impossibility. I just cannot understand why--- I have read in numerous threads in a variety of forums (this one, insanely etc...) that Intel HD3000 graphics are...
  3. thisguyiknow


    I have built my seventh hackintosh and this one was definitely the most difficult but also the strongest machine to date [dual x5680 @3.3GHZ 6-core] --- I have everything working except sound (Ethernet is provided by the AppleIGB kext) -- the sound chip is a Realtek 888 7.1. Using Chimera did...
  4. thisguyiknow

    Gtx 970 performance issues

    I have two different hackintosh computers - one with a low end gtx 650 in it and another with a gtx 970 in it - both work perfectly using the NVIDIA web drivers (i.e. it seems stable) -- The issue I am having is that the performance of the 970 during opengl extensions test is only a quarter of...