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  1. mxrk

    UHD620 KabyLake-R

    Hello. I’ve almost finished setting up the system, and I’ve found out on the topic where uhd620 configuration was discussed using config_HD615_620_630_640_650.plist. Earlier, I had problems with graphics (link), I managed to solve it using config_HD615_620_630_640_650_spoof.plist. But still...
  2. mxrk

    Keyboard backlight.

    How to enable keyboard backlight? I had an old config.plist where the keyboard backlight worked, but the graphics were poorly displayed there. I replaced the config.plist for new, but now I can’t set up the keyboard backlighting, I tried to use different methods but nothing works. I think this...
  3. mxrk

    [solved] Graphic problem.

    Hello, i apologize for my knowledge of English. If this problem has already been discussed, unfortunately I could not find it. My laptop is asus ux430unr, i7-8550u, uhd620, macOS 10.14 Clover 4741. Transparent elements of the system, for example, applications in the Launchpad, or a new tab in...