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  1. maestrorobertus

    Mavericks 10.9.2 and GTX 780 ti (gigabyte)

    Hi, I'm running Mavericks 10.9.2 and GTX 780 ti (gigabyte). It starts without problem, recognize the card correct and most application work. Except preview and some image software. Maybe an OpenCL problem. With 3d application the card perform very fast. Not seeing a problem yet. Anyone...
  2. maestrorobertus

    USB port problem (energy & sleep) on GA X79 UD5

    Hi there, I have a problem maybe OsX ML or Bios related. My GA-X79-UD5 + 3770k build got that problem. After a while a popup appears warning that an USB divice draws to much energy. So I tried to let the machine on for a while without any USB divice attached. It pop upped the message many...
  3. maestrorobertus

    GA-X79-UD5 & 3930k & GTX660ti - not yet succesful

    GA-X79-UD5 & 3930k & GTX660ti - succesful Hi, I'm still struggling with my GA-X79-UD5 with GTX660ti system. CPU is a 3930k i7, Bios is 13f (I tried on 12 but that failed) 1. currently the system only boot with the -x npci=0x3000 option. I enabled that in Multibeast but still it does need...
  4. maestrorobertus

    Performance of Lion on K2600 - Asus P8P67 overclocked

    Hi I installed Lion on a i7K2600 Asus P8P67 system with overclocking 3.51 Ghz. So system works well do to the SSDT Core i7 overclocked boot option. (without it crash). Anyhow I did performance test compare to Windows7 and found that Lion is about 20% slower in nearly every test. Anybody got...
  5. maestrorobertus

    ASUS P8P67 + iBoot = Crash

    Hi, I tried to install Lion with iBoot on a ASUS P8P67 (don't know if pro or not). It works smooth until restart the system after installing multibeast and the mainboard .aml On restart I get the OSX loading screen, command lines and then a crash and restart. No way to get back from that...