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  1. jhansi

    APFS or HFS+?

    I have a Hard Disk drive in my laptop so I m little confuse here ... Should I use Update Directly to macOS High Sierra (APFS) option or go Update Directly to macOS High Sierra (HFS+) ?
  2. jhansi

    What is the ?

    What is the, why is keep coming in Activity Moniter because in 10.11 it never come. there is any issue or its normal.
  3. jhansi

    AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver not loaded

    I Patched AppleHDA for my Codec Speaker and Headphone is working but internal Mic not working. One think I noticed AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver not loaded properly it gives validation error, please any one tell me is this normal or not.
  4. jhansi

    keyboard, Trackpad and sound not working

    After successfully direct update of macOS Sierra 10.12 on my Lenovo G570 laptop voodooPS2controller and patched AppleHDA not woking my codec is CX20590.. any solutions for sound, keyboard and trackpad.
  5. jhansi

    After OS x 10.11.4 update sometimes system freeze.

    after OS X 10.11.4 update laptop has going to freeze sometimes some times restart after sleep and One major problem some time when i boot my Laptop no OS sign comes which u can see in screenshot shows. then i restart again its start normally .
  6. jhansi

    after a deep sleep system going to restart .

    everything working fine but last 2-4 days when system going in deep sleep its going to restart. whenever i put my laptop in sleep mode and wake up after 4-5 hrs it already restarted and back to in sleep mode its happens from last 4-5 days.
  7. jhansi

    For SSDT through Multibeast.

    Actually right now i m running my Laptop on El Capitan Post-installation tool now i want to install all things through Multibeast but in one thing i m very confused. Is it necessary to generate SSDT through Multibeast? Because i used three SSDT, two Native SSDT which is extract and one SSDT i...
  8. jhansi

    OCSPD eating bandwidth on El capitan

    OCSPD eating bandwidth on El capitan(10.11.1) OCSPD eating too much bandwidth after booting the system or wake up form sleeping every time there is any solution and idea why this is happing ?
  9. jhansi

    Why the internal Microphone is not working ??

    Every thing is working fine Audio and all but internal Microphone is not working i used AppleHDA kext for sound. What should i do for my internal microphone working ??
  10. jhansi

    System going to restart 2 or 3 times continuously and wifi causing a problem.

    when ever i open a laptop its restart 2 or 3 times continuously and when i open a wifi system going to freeze and instant restart 2 or 3 times continuously some times IO80211Family.kext backtrack atheros wifi patch AR9285 wifi RP02-PXSX ... i don't understand what is the problem .
  11. jhansi

    Intel HD 3000 Graphics Glitch on Lenovo G570 El Capitan

    So should i need to inject snb-platform-id or not because without Dual link=0 HD 3000 give problems and some times graphics glitch problem happened you can see that in Screenshot .
  12. jhansi

    Laptop has Freeze many times in El capitan

    after patching OEM DSDT and SSDTs and install 1 day running everything nicely now Laptop start freezing so many times i have to restart forcly because everything is freeze only cursor is free . i don't know what is Going on .
  13. jhansi

    Instant wake Due to EHC1 and EHC2

    instate wake due to ECH1 and ECH2 when i Disassemble DSDT using command u mention on patching DSDT/SSDT guide after that i tried to patch USB using your patch repo after i applied patch values has been changed but after saving in .aml format the old values has back everytime . how do i solve...
  14. jhansi

    Bluetooth has gone from System Prefrences after install El Capitan

    Bluetooth has gone form System Prefrences and when I check in system information :- No Information is Found. I also tried to delete Plist form Library/Prefrences but Bluetooth still missing .. When I used Yosemite it's working .. But in El Capiton no information found is coming . Is any one...
  15. jhansi

    [solved] how we back SYSTEM Folder again because its Hide...

    my system Folder is not visible because its hide so how we permanently back System Folder like other folder in Mac HD ???
  16. jhansi

    Why System folder missing from Mac HD in El Capitan(OS X 10.11)

    after successfully install El capitan in my Mac HD System Folder is missing i installed El capitan through Unibeast 6 .. is Any one facing same issue .. Why this is missing ???
  17. jhansi

    if Keyboard and Trackpad not working simple solution !!!!!!

    Used Old version of Multibeast like Multibeast 4.6 or 4.6.1 ..for PS2 after installation everything start working .:clap:
  18. jhansi

    Is it Necessary to Enable SIP(System Integrity Protection) ?

    Is it necessary to Enable SIP(System Integrity Protection) after successfully install El Capitan or left Partially Disable ?? Bit Confused .
  19. jhansi

    Finally!!!Successfully Install El Captian On Lenovo G570(Legacy Boot Mode BIOS).

    Using Unibeast 6.0 i made a bootable USB for legacyBIOS without selecting any Graphics Option, before the installation process for intel HD 3000 6 series and 7 series open USB>EFI>Clover>Config.plist copy on desktop and open in Clover Configurator then go to Graphics tab in side menu bar and set...
  20. jhansi

    Direct update Using clover system going to reboot again and again

    ​I m running Yosemite using clover every thing working well .. But when I go update using update Guide after intallation El Capitan reboot the system and when I select main drive for complete the installation system is going to reboot again and again I put fake SMC in 10.11 folder and Ethernet...