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  1. xCatbodi

    CPU Freq suddenly wrong and high

    Hi, My CPU frequency's just recently started showing incredibly high. The CPU frequency's are wrong in About My Mac, HWMonitor, and Geekbench. The system's power management is actually fine, IOReg, AppleIntelInfo.kext, etc are reporting correct states 8-34. BIOS also shows the correct base...
  2. xCatbodi

    CPU Power Management/SSDT

    Just fresh installed and am getting settled in. Everything functional so far just worrying about CPU Power Management. I followed the guide listed below. Although, from the terminal window I attached I do not see many power states. I though the CPU P-States should go in sequential order and not...
  3. xCatbodi

    Unable to use R9 380

    UPDATE: There has been no solution yet but there is a workaround. I have a Gigabyte motherboard. Head into your BIOS and find your graphics card on boot options, change it from PCIE to IGFX (Integrated Graphics) and boot into El Capitan. Once you're on your desktop, you can physically take the...