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  1. martybabe

    How to Fix iMessage

    I dont understand why apple is trying so hard to kill iMessage for anything other than apple devices, was it not the case that when iMessage was first announced it was being promoted by mr jobs no less as being the killer of sms and would soon sort of rule the world? This will never be the...
  2. martybabe

    GA-H77N-Wifi - Success with Yosemite

    Any chance of pm me your clover config and settings when you installed clover by exporting it as i have same board and would like to get it working myself as i have had very little luck getting it going with clover myself even though i have tried lots, did you uefi it or mbr (legacy). I will...
  3. martybabe

    yosemite grey screen

    Followed guide to letter for upgrade from mavericks on a ga-h77n-wifi, works perfect in mavericks but boots slowly and about 3rd of way through throws up a grey screen with a small circle with line through it. Has anyone figured out possible cause or fix yet? Thanks in advance.
  4. martybabe

    Guide: Update OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite Using UniBeast and MultiBeast

    All grey screen with circle in middle and line through it, ga-h77n-wifi.
  5. martybabe

    Chimera 3.0 Update

    Article: Chimera 3.0 Update is this the bit for example where my cpu is reported as 3.39GHz instead of 3.4? if so then it doesn't change that it still reports 3.39GHz after installation and reboot of this update. Just curious.......
  6. martybabe

    Using VGA on a Hackintosh

    Everything i seem to have read indicates that on a hackintosh VGA out will not work, As i was building a hack however and my lcd TV did not have Dvi, only VGA or HDMI (HDMI with missing audio as expected) i tried all the ports on my ASUS GTX650 in the hack and the VGA seems to work just fine and...
  7. martybabe

    Bitfenix Support

    ta, just tried had to use better halfs account though as i dont use it.
  8. martybabe

    MultiBeast 5.3 Update

    Still get some text rubbish coming up right at start of boot, which if you use chameleon wizard to install the latest bootloader you dont get (so much nicer), any reason why the multibeast bootloader shows this info at boot and how to stop it?
  9. martybabe

    Bitfenix Support

    Child broke headphone socket on my Prodigy so changed my case to a coolermaster elite 120, can't get reply from bitfenix for help with purchasing new io board or part number to order new headphone socket (for self repair). I've tried 4 times now and had no reply in last 3 weeks. Support so poor...
  10. martybabe

    Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues

    Have tried all above, could you please tell me how though from the last comment i would no if my serial does mach my smbios (is this the selection in chameleon wizard for preconfigured SMBioses), if so i have done it. Anyway it appears that we still only have half a solution to this problem...
  11. martybabe

    Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues

    as per comment 1, thanks for telling us that, but how about telling us how to know when it matches, i have no way of knowing this. Anyway, from what i've seen the main article here is not my issue, i even tried a clean rebuild, used the latest chameloeon wizard to generate a unique serial, and...
  12. martybabe

    Errors with new chimera/And still wont login to iMessage

    I wasnt using the default one, i was using on generated months ago when i first built my hack (by multi beast so not sure if this is what you mean), however i have now changed just one letter on the end of it and what i get now is different it allows me to partly sign in but freezes when i hit...
  13. martybabe

    Errors with new chimera/And still wont login to iMessage

    still getting "your appleid cannot be used at this time", Also on bootup i get error messages on screen "Unable to handle key mob", and others below it, Anyone any ideas?
  14. martybabe

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    still getting "your appleid cannot be used at this time", Also on bootup i get error messages on screen "Unable to handle key mob", and others below it, Anyone any ideas?
  15. martybabe

    Chimera has a Fix for iMessage with Mountain Lion 10.8?

    me too same error
  16. martybabe

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    no change here from clover, installed as instructed, get "Your Apple id cannot be used.........Call Apple...."
  17. martybabe

    HD4000 resolution - Screen corrupt

    As far as I've read the comment about GraphicsEnabler=y being required is wrong, I have fully working acceleration on this hack and many many posts will also tell you best compatibility if you can achieve it is gained without the use of graphicsenabler=y, in fact quoting many on here you need...
  18. martybabe

    HD4000 resolution - Screen corrupt

    Just wondered if anyone knows a solution to the graphics on my HD4000 hackintosh appearing out of sync/skewed/corrupt if i select any resolution lower than the highest native res than the monitor, this happens when in some games like the sims 3, grand theft auto vice city(from the app store)...
  19. martybabe

    Dual Booting Windows 7 + Mac (Mountain Lion) with both Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse - Bluetooth Se

    Absolutely superb post, i've been trying to figure if there was a way to do this for ages (weird how the keyboard just works in both os's without this though). I've now done it and it works fine, no more second mouse for me, and my trackpad now works in both too. Ps is there really a need for...