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  1. yekki

    Can't get Battery Status

    I installed Debug kexts and got following: 默认 14:26:46.010553 +0800 kernel ACPIBatteryManager: pollingTimeOut called 默认 14:26:46.010568 +0800 kernel ACPIBatteryManager: pollBatteryState: path = 1 默认 14:26:46.010573 +0800 kernel ACPIBatteryManager: getBatterySTA called 默认...
  2. yekki

    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    My laptop is Kaby Lake HD615, what can I do for PM?? (In your articles, only support HD630+)
  3. yekki

    Kaby Lake power management

    My laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad X1 tablet 2th gen (CPU is i7-7Y75(HD615) ) 1. Power Management I've tried clover plugtype and ssdtPRgen, both failed. Can't show power status on top menu. I also tried FakeSMC plugins, it doesn't work. Can't get anything 2. Trackpad I read product's spec, can't get...
  4. yekki

    The screensaver change to default after reboot

    As the topic, does anyone have same issue??
  5. yekki

    [solved] Auto restart after upgrade to 10.13.1

    I've solved. The crash is due AirportBrcmFixup.kext doesn't compatible with 10.13.1. Just remove it. At least my laptop doesn't reboot until now.
  6. yekki

    [solved] Auto restart after upgrade to 10.13.1

    I've updated my Toshiba Portege z30-b(HD5500) to 10.13.1 successfully. But It will auto restart after few minutes, even don't touch anything. Are there others meet the same issue?? BTW: I use Lilu.kext + IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kextt + IntelGraphicsFixup.kext + Shiki.kext
  7. yekki

    Raid on non-system disk

    I installed osx on disk1, now, I plug two disks and wanna make them raid0. my question is: the two disks aren't sys disks, do I need install some kexts or just do nothing??
  8. yekki

    macOS 10.13.1 update issue

    My Lenovo T440P updated to 10.13.1, but after check updates, it still show 10.13.1 need to update to 10.13.1. I've installed the update many times, it is the same (please check the attachment). My Toshiba Portege z30-b also be updated to 10.13.1, everything is ok. Does anyone else meet the same...
  9. yekki

    Country Code Patch for High Sierra

    You don't understand what I said. I've change country code successfully. I merely don't know the "Unknown"(the former value is FCC before changing country code)
  10. yekki

    Country Code Patch for High Sierra

    How to understand above?? Would you please tell me in details. Another question: I've changed country code successfully, but the location is "Unknown" as fontanero. Is it right value?? If not, how to change it? What is the value for it??
  11. yekki

    Country Code Patch for High Sierra

    I've test all methods above, but failed. for Country Code Patch (#a) - Credit PMheart: echo -n CN|xxd got "434e", so, change patch to: Comment: Country Code Patch (#a) - Credit PMheart MatchOS: 10.13.x Name: Find: <4183FCFF 7435488D 55D0> Replace: <66C70643...
  12. yekki

    How to change country code??

    I installed FakePCIID.kext & FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext for my BCM94352z card. It works well, but it's country code is US, how to change it to other country code??
  13. yekki

    DVMT Fixup Kext (HD5500)

    My laptop is HD5500, I use this kext. Don't forget to add Liliu.kext with it.
  14. yekki

    SD Card Reader in Lenovo S400

    you'd better give up. there is no way to solve it.
  15. yekki

    How to static patch to hot patch?

    My laptop works well with static ACPI patches. I wanna convert it into hotpatches. I've tried many times, all failed. Anyone would help me??? Thanks a lot. The following is my patches in static( all patches from Rehabman's repo, some patches which I made are attched): DSDT Patches...
  16. yekki

    Does my PM works well?

    Thanks! Another question, does my stepspeed works well from my report?
  17. yekki

    Does my PM works well?

    I use AppleIntelInfo.kext to test, the result is: P-State ratio * 100 = Frequency in MHz ------------------------------------------ CPU P-States [ (10) 20 27 ] iGPU P-States [ (6) ] CPU C3-Cores [ 0 1 2 3 ] CPU C6-Cores [ 0 1 2 3 ] CPU C7-Cores [ 0 1 2 3 ] CPU P-States [ 10 (13) 20 27 ] iGPU...
  18. yekki

    [Guide] Patching LAPTOP DSDT/SSDTs

    Some of my SSDTs from other project, for example USB, PLNF, etc. My question is: if all the file's DefinitionBlock definition should be same?? for example: one file: DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "gary", "UIAC-ALL", 0) the other: DefinitionBlock("", "SSDT", 2, "yekki", "PNLF", 0)
  19. yekki

    Failed to install recent security updates

    Just now, Apple push a new macOS security patch(above 900M), I installed it, but failed after reboot, it auto reboot when installing. Anyone has same issue??
  20. yekki

    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440P

    I am on vocation, I will test external mic when I back home tomorrow. BTW: I make sure test your ALC292 following your guide. Unfortunately, It doesn't work for me. Don't know the reason. On the other hand, I use the T440P laptop as mac mini at home, don't use external mic. It' enough for me...