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  1. dikkiedirk

    Patch button MaciASL

    How should a text file be formatted for successfully patching a DSDT or SSDT by using it with MaciASL's Patch button. I see some /n placed, but where to put them? It probably also needs info where to place the patch in the DSDT or SSDT?
  2. dikkiedirk

    Booting 2nd Mac OS on 2nd hard disk results in boot to I haveStop sign.

    Booting 2nd Mac OS on 2nd hard disk results in boot to Stop sign. I have El Capitan with Clover installed on my HP Elitebook 8570w. I added a 2nd hard disk to it in the upgrade bay. I disabled Fast boot in BIOS and choose EFI Native without CSM in BIOS. I cloned my current EC install to the 2nd...
  3. dikkiedirk

    WiFi for HP Elitebook 8570w. Suggestions needed. Please no USB.

    Regarding the 8570w, does it have a WiFi whitelist? If so, will any HP branded Broadcom card do? Or is one needed specific to this laptop. Does such a card need to for a specific region? I am in Netherlands, Europe. Do you guys have a suggestion for a card that WILL work. There was one non...
  4. dikkiedirk

    How to make backup? Please software advise.

    I now have a reasonable working mackintosh laptop, and I would like to make a backup of it. I use Clover and MacOSX is installed op a 250GB partition. What is the best and easiest method of backing up? I am rather new to Mac OS so any advice is welcome. What software should I use? CCC, Super...
  5. dikkiedirk

    Kernel Panic after CPU change

    Hi everyone, I have Mountain Lion installed on a HP Probook 4730S and it was running fine. But early last week the CPU somehow gave up and needed to be replaced. The original Core i3 was replaced with a Core i7. Now Mountain Lion will not boot but results in a kernel panic. P-State error 18...
  6. dikkiedirk

    Audio over HDMI on GA-Z77N-WiFi on ML, Where to start?

    I have a GA-Z77N-WiFi build with a i7-3770K. I installed ML 10.8.2 without a problem except I have no audio over HDMI. At the moment I use the HD4000 which came with the CPU. What is the right thread to follow to get audio over HDMI working and explains how to extract and edit DSDTs etc. And...
  7. dikkiedirk

    Noob running into trouble after trying multiboot

    I installed ML 10.8.2 on the Intel NUC. After that I shrank the Mac OS X partition and created a new partiton for Windows 7. Windows 7 install went fine. But I couldn't get back in Mac OS x, after a reboot it went directly to Windows. I then created a USB stick with Multibeast to startup from...
  8. dikkiedirk

    UniBeast 1.7 Failure

    Today I tried to create a Unibeast ML stick without succes. After I enter my password and click install I see Writing files for 15 sec. and then I'm greeted with the Installation failed screen. I attached a log file. Is an older Unibeas version still available?