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  1. carltom46

    Dual Monitor Reboot Login Screen

    I recently switched from a 460 SE (everything worked fine) to a 960, and now, whenever my second monitor is connected, the hackintosh either: 1) reboots if it is already on or 2) reboots before reaching the login screen. The thing is that in scenario 1 or 2, it begins to work fine after it...
  2. carltom46

    Changing the System Identifier Clover

    What is the minimum amount of fields necessary in Clover's SMBIOS so that OS X El Capitan recognizes a specific type of mac? I currently have imac 12,2 and wish to change it to imac 14,2 without breaking my imessage. I need to do this, as it is the only way I can get my second monitor to work...
  3. carltom46

    Upgrade to a 960 from a 460 SE

    My 460 SE seems to be dying (screen full of artifacts on windows 10, el cap, and linux). I plan to upgrade to a 960, but will it be as simple as swapping the two cards? I've seen other threads where this turns out to be the case, but I want to make sure that it is just a matter of swapping out...
  4. carltom46

    Missing Recovery HD

    I had my recovery HD installed when I installed El Capitan, and find my Mac was working perfectly. I have no idea how it installed, and whether it was the El Capitan installer or not, as I don't remember having it in earlier OS versions. I recently screwed up my home folder (moved it into the...
  5. carltom46

    Clover Stop drive Scan or Exclude Drive

    How can I stop Clover from constantly scanning the drives/partitions I have on my computer. I have a lot of them, and while rescanning them doesn't take long at all (maybe 2 seconds), whenever I plug in my external 500gb hdd, clover takes ages to scan it (and for no reason, as it just has data)...
  6. carltom46

    After Clover - No USB Keyboard

    When I choose my Kali linux partition from Clover, I am redirected to Grub. However, I've noticed that my USB keyboard doesn't work... at all. It goes completely dead and not even the num lock or caps lock keys will light up. It's not to do with Grub either; in my clover boot screen, clover...
  7. carltom46

    EL Capitan. Does SIP have to be enabled?

    My alc 889 audio only works when SIP is disabled. When it is 0x0 in clover, I get no output devices period. I could have sworn that my audio was working earlier even after I enabled SIP around two days ago, but maybe I am wrong as I haven't done anything requiring audio for like 3 days. So, must...
  8. carltom46

    CMOS Resetting

    My CMOS resets whenever I sleep, restart, or shutdown. For this reason, I can't wake from sleep, as the CMOS resets and I suspect this is what leads the computer to go into a loop of trying to wake up then shutting down again. I used to use a DSDT, but now that I have to use an SSDT with El...
  9. carltom46

    Can't boot to Installer

    I am following the upgrade instructions from the front page and am upgrading from Yosemite. The installer doesn't seem to boot. If I leave my dsdt in clover, I get stuck at AMFILo after AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement initialization completes. If I remove my dsdt from clover, I get stuck at [PCI...
  10. carltom46

    Triple Boot - can only boot Yosemite

    I can't seem to boot either my windows 7 partition or my Kali Linux partition. When I click on any of the windows drives that appear in clover (I have multiple NTFS partitions, but only one with my actual OS), I just see a black screen with the same windows icon that clover places over the...
  11. carltom46

    AppleKextExcludeList.kext Black Screen + reboot

    I can't get past this line in the boot process. I have tried kext-dev-mode=1, but I have the same problem. Basically, the screen goes dark, disk loading stops, and the computer reboots. What should I do?
  12. carltom46

    Moving To SSD

    I'm considering moving my OSX install to an SSD. Would you guys recommend simply cloning my current install of 10.9.5 using SuperDuper and then cloning onto the SSD, or would it be a better idea to install everything fresh. This install is only around 1 month old, by the way, as I did something...
  13. carltom46

    Gtx 460 help

    Can someone give me a link or help to getting HDMI audio working on a gtx 460 (specs on the left)? I am having a considerably Difficult time using the sticky guide on this forum (the one for Mavericks). I think I am following the steps correctly, but for some reason, I can't get the audio to...
  14. carltom46

    Amd 290

    Is this card supported with the latest version of mavericks yet since the Mac pro has been released?
  15. carltom46

    AMD FirePro D700

    Out of curiosity, with the release of the new Mac Pro, does the FirePro D700 work on a Hackintosh? How about two of them as in the new Mac Pro?
  16. carltom46

    Autosleep not working

    I've just realized that ever since updating to Mavericks, my auto sleep does not work; regular sleep works fine though. I have darkwake=no in my org.chameleon.boot.plist (0 or 10 doesn't work either). I ran pmset -g and this is what I got (in the attachments). Any ideas as to what is wrong?
  17. carltom46

    TP-Link PCI Express Adapter(TL-WDN4800) and Mavericks

    Can anyone confirm whether this card works under Mavericks? Thanks.
  18. carltom46

    Wake On Lan (WOL) Doesn't Work in OSX Mavericks

    For some reason, WOL doesn't seem to work whenever I either put my computer to sleep or shut it off through Mavericks. If I previously shut down or put the computer to sleep in Windows 7, then WOL works perfectly. In OSX, only sometimes will WOL work after I have turned off/slept my computer...
  19. carltom46

    Monitor Turns Off

    My monitor seems to be turning off after the apple screen when I attempt to boot unibeast in order to proceed with the install. I have tried GraphicsEnabler=no/yes, PCIRootUID=1(gives me kernel panic), and npci=0x3000, yet nothing works. The monitor itself turns off, but the computer, and I...
  20. carltom46

    Filevault 2 Compatibility

    I have tried enabling Filevault in Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and was not successful. I have researched online and found that this new version of Filevault requires the EFI environment of real Macs. Has there been any progress on this? Is this a planned feature for Chameleon, or does the Clover...