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  1. wezc00

    Temp problem.

    Hi! Im using hwmonitor but in mainboard proximity its 70 degrees while im playing but idle 50degrees is this normal? Or should i be worried? Best regards Robin
  2. wezc00

    Installed both easybeast and dsdt free installation.

    I installed first easybeast and that didnt work and then installed free dsdt and it works! Is that even possible? Can it cause any damage to the system? Many Thanks Robin
  3. wezc00

    Cant boot up.

    Hi! Just installed ML 10.8.4 and installed multibeast i cant boot up. Can someone help me please? Many Thanks Robin
  4. wezc00

    Dell XPS 8500

    Hi! I bought a Dell XPS 8500 and got GT 640 1GB GDDR5 not a radeon and when im pluged in the usb and after apple logo im stuck at installation with mouse pointer loading.. Whats wrong? its that cause i have UEFI on? I can disable it i think. Many Thanks Robin
  5. wezc00

    Sleep mode problem in ML 10.8.2

    Hi guys! I got my system up and running smoothly yesterday with some help. Now i have no issue with open GL everything seems to be work fine on 10.8.2. The only problem i have is the sleep issue. I can put the computer to sleep and wake up, but after wakeup i see the mouse pointer but screen...
  6. wezc00

    DSDT to p8h67-m pro 3802

    Hi! i cant find DSDT to p8h67-m pro bios 3802. im using 10.7.4 best regards Robin specs Asus CG8350 I5 3450 6GB RAM GTX 550 Ti 1TB HDD
  7. wezc00

    Cant install Mac OS X Lion

    Hi! I used unibeast lion to get it into USB and it worked but when i boot with usb and starts unibeast i type in PCIRootUID=0 and when the apple logo comes up the computer restarted directly! Whats the problem? Best Regards Robin Its Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 Specs Asus CG8350 P8h67-M PRO 6Gb RAM i5...
  8. wezc00

    Kextbeast help!

    Hi! I put the kext file into the desktop and started kextbeast. After the installation i rebooted my computer and the kext file is still on desktop? does that mean it didnt worked? Im confused please help! Best regards Robin Asus CG8350 (p8h67-m pro) I5 3450 6GB 1333Mhz Gtx 550 Ti 1TB HDD OS X...
  9. wezc00

    Patch for GTX 550Ti in mountain lion?

    Hi! I have 10.8.2 and the sound and network works fine. i just want drivers for my graphic card and cant find for my GTX 550 ti and in multibeast i find it but it only take 0K? then it doesnt exist? Please help me to find a driver for my graphic card. Best regards Robin
  10. wezc00

    Please help!

    Hi! i have installed os x 10.8.2 on my Asus CG8350 (p8h67-m pro) and i must start OS with -f -v. and when i restart my computer and dont start with unibeast it said that i must restart my computer? i did it and it happened again.and i dont know how to fix DSDT and drivers. I have search and...
  11. wezc00

    Help! New here!

    Hi! im new here and i have just bought Mountain Lion for my macbook pro and want it to my pc to. i cant find DSDT for my CG8350 but it says that it have p8h67-m pro motherboard in it. i just now how to install mountain lion with unibeast but will it work without DSDT?I dont now what to do so...