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  1. 67BGTEV

    10.10.5 to Mojave

    Hello @RehabMan , My HP ProBook 450 G1 was running fine on El Capitan (Clover) and recently tried to update to Mojave. Since I co'd update directly, I tried to install 10.11 and I couldn't find 10.11 installer or combo update and I couldn't update to 10.11. Tried to install HS, failed and...
  2. 67BGTEV

    Case suggestion

    I'm sure the cases are the last thing to worry about. I'm interested in be quiet! DARK BASE 700 Mid-Tower Case this will host EVGA Z370 Classified K, 134-KS-E379-KR, i7-8700K, Radeon RX-580, EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G1+ Do any of you see a problem with this case? @trs96 @pastrychef @RehabMan
  3. 67BGTEV

    HP 8300 w/ i3770 (HD400) Ultra-wide display showing lower resolution

    HP 8300 CMT with i3770 - HD4000 (DP) works fine with my Samsung U28E510D 28" 4K Ultra-HD (DP) and shows resolution up to 2560x1440. When I connect (using DP-HDMI cable) this to my LG 34UM61-P - 34" IPS LED Monitor - 21:9, which only has HDMI connectivity, max resolution available is 1080p...
  4. 67BGTEV

    GB87N-Wifi, with i3 4340 w/ HD4600 - Partial Green screen

    My current setup GB H87N-Wifi, with i3 4340 w/ HD4600 - with LG 34UM61-P was working fine running 10.13.3. After updating to 10.13.4, everything works well except my LG Ultra wide display, the right part is green When I took the screenshot, it does capture the right side, as it should be...
  5. 67BGTEV

    Elite 8300 w/ HD4000

    I got a refurb HP Elite 8300 with builtIn Intel HD 4000 Brand and Model: HP Elite 8300 Small Form Factor Memory Installed: 20GB DDR3 Hard Drive: SSD on SATA0 and 3.5" 2TB on SATA1 Processor: Intel Core i7 3rd Gen. i7-3770 3.4GHz Video Card: Integrated HD4000 Installed Sierra and was working ok...
  6. 67BGTEV

    Unibeast 5.0.2: Unable to select Yosemite

    Unibeast 5.0.2: Unable to select Yosemite - Solved I'm upgrading from Mavericks to Yosemite using Unibeast 5.0.2 When I run UB5.0.2, its not allowing me to select (greyed out) Yosemite. Any tricks? was not in Applications folder and moved it under Apps folder and I'm game.
  7. 67BGTEV

    GA-H87N-WIFI with i3-4340 - CPU Fault

    I'm new to CustoMac and My first Build went bonkers. I'm building a CustoMini GA-H87N-WIFI and i3-4340. During Install, after it starts with Apple circle, It goes with Panic: CPU Fault. :oops: I thought it was a faulty CPU and got a replacement and again its the same. Any help pls?