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  1. amgclk65

    clover booting on fusion set up.

    Hello Everyone. Im trying to get a Fusion Drive to Boot. Ive tried to a couple old guides. But they all seem to be for older boot loaders. I also tried to copy and paste the efi folder from the usb installer onto the efi partation. But no luck. Heres A picture of the drives.
  2. amgclk65

    HDMI audio Via Gt 610 with G2030 Cpu.

    Hello. So reading the toleda guide for the 10th time. It looks like I can. So now my question is. Do I just need to do steps 1-3? Or continue further down the guide OS X/discrete Graphics HDMI Audio.. into the dsdt and ssdt section?
  3. amgclk65

    Can boot Cpus=1 only.

    Hello. I'm having trouble with my build. I can only boot with cpus=1. Using unibeast with 10.10.1 Hardware. H61H2-I esc mother broad. Gt 610 video card. Intel g2030 cpu. 4gb ram 1tb boot drive. ive come across the lapic patch. Which I can not get to work. any help would be awesome.
  4. amgclk65

    DVD burning Error message with LG bluray 10.9.5

    Hello, Anyone run into this error while trying to burn DVD vob files on z77x-up5th? the disc can't be burned because communication between the computer and the disc drive failed error code 0x80020022 I'm running i7 3770k z77x-up5th LG BluRay Optical Drive from the Buyer's Guide. I don't...
  5. amgclk65

    Sapphire hd 7750 on ga-z77x-up5th

    Hello. I just purchased a sapphire hd7750 low profile card. I would like it to power my 27 acd via mini display port and power projector via hdmi. Im using hd4000 on 10.9. Question do I just 1. Set display first : IGFX 2. Internal graphics : disable 3. Add ge: yes in my boost list ?
  6. amgclk65

    Boot raid 0 help.

    Hello. I'm trying to get a raid 0 going for my boot disk. Under ML I uses cpu kid guide. Which work good. I tried it again with marginal luck. Anyone have success with a raid 0 boot drive maverick ? Using cpukid guide for maverick causes slow boot up.. No Ethernet, sleep problems to say the...
  7. amgclk65

    I7 3770k OC with Handbrake Crashing

    Hello everyone. Im having trouble with handbrake crashing on my over clocked I7 3770k with ga-z77x-up5 th. im usung a coolmaster 212 evo cpu cooler. im overclocking with dynamic vcore offset. i have to set it to +.150 volts. which puts me at 1.39 vcore voltage for it not to crash. does that seem...
  8. amgclk65

    2560*1440 on my Hackintosh

    Hello. Hopefully I can get some help on my hackintosh. I'm working with a i5 3570k, ga-z77nwifi. I've got everything up and running pretty smoothly. Here's my problem. I wanna use my late 09 27in iMac as a display for my build. I figured I would buy a atlona at-dp400 to get my video signal...