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  1. ohgood

    unibeast install fail log

    hope i've included the log properly: 1/30/13 3:21:21.129 AM Installer: Install: "UniBeast Mac App Store Lion" 1/30/13 3:21:21.129 AM Installer: Install: "Legacy USB Support" 1/30/13 3:21:21.129 AM Installer: ================================================================================...
  2. ohgood

    latest unibeast fails ?

    i've tried with several different versions of lion, unibeast fails each time with unknown errors. the log file just says "there was an error". is there an archive of known good working unibeast downloads i can try ? this happens with any/all versions of lion. thanks
  3. ohgood

    are fermi freezes fixed ? ( 3-30-2012 )

    I resorted to using my 8400gs a couple of weeks since my gtx 460 would freeze occasionally. three days ago, I reimaged my drive with a fresh 10:7:2 build, installed the latest nvidia driver, and changed my nvdag....100.kext info.plist, no freezes at all since then. So, has the new driver fixed...