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  1. cinexa

    Clean Install or Upgrade

    @Anastasius, Did you do a clean install to Mojave or was it an update from Sierra/High Sierra? I am also switching to AMD Radeon. I'm running one now in my eGPU on MBP.
  2. cinexa

    Z77 Ud5th Sierra wont recognize graphic card Gtx980Ti

    I did a fresh sierra install and everything went great. Both monitors (1080 DVI and 4K monitor) came up and I was able to migrate previous SSD and test my apps...All internet...but GTX 980 was initially recognized and running great...I then shutdown and added back my other drives...
  3. cinexa

    Unibeast 1.7 not installing to USB

    I have a iBoot ivy bridge z77x-up5th MB (using internal graphics with 32gb RAM installed.) that I have snow leopard 10.6.8 installed an mountain lion downloaded from the app store. i downloaded twice already. I have an 8GB USB drive formatted to unibeast steps. Ive done that twice. When I try to...
  4. cinexa

    I cant buy a copy of lion or mountain lion...please help

    Ive got a brand new build based on Slugnet video and now I cant buy a copy of lion or mountain Lion. Ive been stuck all weekend trying to find a way to get the software. Im currently using a lifehacker build with 10/6/8....please help any suggestions would be great.
  5. cinexa

    update graphics to MSI 550 GTX

    I have the lifehacker build with Gigabyte EP45 UD3P and running 10.6.8. I just bought a 550 GTX Ti and i can only get one monitor to play @ 1280X1024. Can I run any type of updater or how can I get the card to work properly. Thanks