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  1. YannickF

    11.1 update failed

    I finally succeeded ! Just had to disconnect the 2nd screen.
  2. YannickF

    11.1 update failed

    MacOS 11.0.1 was working fine with OpenCore 0.6.3 I downloaded 11.1 update and updated OpenCore to 0.6.4 before updating MacOS. MacOS rebooted on Macintosh HD partition, I saw a progress bar during a few minutes, than it rebooted a 2nd time on Macintosh HD, but I have only a block screen and a...
  3. YannickF

    << Solved >> Screen sleep stopped working after update to mac os Catalina 10.15.4

    Lilu and WEG updates are officially available ... I just installed them, set the igpxoln=1 option, no problem with 10.15.3. Now I have to test 10.15.4 but it will take a few hours to download it again! EDIT : BTW : I updated Lilu and WEG using Clover Configurator. I installed 10.15.4 update...
  4. YannickF

    Catalina 10.15.4 update, HD630 graphic doesn't work

    Maybe here :
  5. YannickF

    << Solved >> Screen sleep stopped working after update to mac os Catalina 10.15.4

    Same problem for me (since 10.15.4 update).... iGPU only (UHD630) System sleep worked withMojave but never worked not with Catalina
  6. YannickF

    iGPU recognization

    Hello My intel i5-9600K is recognized as a UHD630 (Mobile) in Hackintool. This i5 is a desktop version. Shouldn't it be recognized as a UDH630 without the (mobile) ? Thanks.
  7. YannickF

    Black screens on logon (Catalina 10.15.4 update)

    HEllo I just update to 10.15.4 On previous versions, at logon, my 2 screens (dual monitor) were flickering during a few seconds (10-20) and then everything was displaying correctly. Since 10.15.4 I have a black screen at logon (no video signals), and the only way to activate displays is to...
  8. YannickF

    Can't Wake Issue on Catalina for Gigabyte z390 M -Mac19,1

    Hello. Same motherboard, same issue. I don't have graphic card, and pmset command gives Failure during wake: HDAS() : Some drivers failed to handle setPowerState
  9. YannickF

    Supplemental update 10.15

    Same thing for me : impossible to install (computer reboots, and update is still proposed)
  10. YannickF

    Reboot a few seconds after wake-up since Catalina is installed

    Thanks but I removed "hda-gfx" line without success.....
  11. YannickF

    << Solved >> USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 Fix

    Hello.... it works on my Z390 M Gaming motherboard..... Even though I was using a custom USB DSDT since Mojave, USB drives were not automatically mounted with Catalina when they are connected on USB 3 ports.
  12. YannickF

    Reboot a few seconds after wake-up since Catalina is installed

    Hello Everything was working well on Mojave on my Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming based hackintosh. I had to use OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi with Clover in order to have shut-down, reboot and sleep to work. I updated to Catalina but now my hackintosh can shut-down, sleep, and reboot well but it...
  13. YannickF

    << Solved >> Intel UHD 630 no video signal

    Solved : i follow and used the patch for my motherboard to "identify" HDMI and DVI connectors.
  14. YannickF

    << Solved >> Intel UHD 630 no video signal

    I progress ... Changes in Clover configurator : Acpi / DSDT : change GFX0 to IGFX (maybe not necessary ?) Devices / IntelGFX : 0x3E9B8086 (which is the real DeviceID of the GPU) Graphics : ig-platform-id :0x3E9B0007 (which is the platform ID of Mac mini 8,1 (as set in SMBios) With these...
  15. YannickF

    << Solved >> Intel UHD 630 no video signal

    Hello I'm new to hackintosh (but I have a few Mac at home) I just installed Mojave 10.14.4 with UniBeast. In post-installation, I'm not able to make the good choices installing Clover with Multibeast, and I can't set Clover to boot. So I just copied the EFI from Mojave Installer to my SSD (on...