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  1. duncanroller

    Porkstacker’s G3 hackintosh

    Nice work, Leopold! Could you go into detail on how you mounted the, what appears to be an ATX board, to the case? Also, did you have any clearance issue with the screws holding the plastic down? I've hit some roadblocks on my mod and could use some advice/suggestions/guidance. Thanks!
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    IMG 0555

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    IMG 0552

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    IMG 0551

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    IMG 0465

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    IMG 0464

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    IMG 0463

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    IMG 0462

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    IMG 0448

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    IMG 0445

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    IMG 0444

  14. duncanroller

    The Green & White PowerMac G3

    I haven't installed OS X on my ASRock Haswell system yet. I've been waiting for 10.8.5. I'll let you know once I've switched it over.
  15. duncanroller

    The Green & White PowerMac G3

    PSU: I highly recommend getting an 80mm fan model. If you use a standard PSU w/ a 120mm fan you wont draw any air in because the fan will get smashed up against the bottom/back side of the case. Furthermore, the O/I switch and D-plug may have different orientation that will require extra cutting...
  16. duncanroller

    Haswell Versions of the Gigabyte BRIX

    Still hoping someone builds one of these with a built in PSU like the real Mac mini. External power bricks are a pain!
  17. duncanroller

    Yosemite - Ivy Bridge (first mod)

    So the replacement blade I got for my oscillating tool was 3/4" rather than 3/8" and it was a thousand times easier to remove the old standoffs! We zipped the rest of them off in less than 5 minutes. It's amazing what the right tool for the job can do! So newegg has a deal on 128GB OCZ Vector...
  18. duncanroller

    Miniaturization of classic Mac

    Ran across this and thought I'd share it with the modding community. That is all. :)
  19. duncanroller

    Yosemite - Ivy Bridge (first mod)

    Ah, sounds good. I'm still toying with the different ideas for standoffs, trying to make it as polished as possible. If JB Welding the original standoffs back on doesn't go over well my next thought is to adhere thin (4mm) aluminum squares where they need to go and tap them for 6-32 and apply...
  20. duncanroller

    Yosemite - Ivy Bridge (first mod)

    Well the K666 has about 1/4" clearance against the PSU when closed, so we're in good shape there! I picked up an oscillating multi-tool and bimetal attachment to clip off the original standoffs flush. We're going to attempt to reuse them and move them into position for mATX form factor. It's...