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  1. PliSsK

    Clover FakeCPUID

    I had a look at the Clover SourceForge wiki and the FakeCPUID Table link doesn't work, there is no <a> link behind the graphic in the html. Does anyone have a link to where such a table is please? I am running the...
  2. PliSsK

    Known Hackintosh issues with Time Machine?

    I am having a problem with my WD MyPassport drives when running Time Machine, they start off at a reasonable pace then slow right down to a crawl, total back up size is 1.1TB and my drives are 4 and 5TB respectively, and the back ups slow down to almost stationary after about 800 to 900GB. I am...
  3. PliSsK

    USB 3.1 Gen2 Type C hub causes crash on start up

    Running Mojave 10.14.6, and using the -xcpm boot arg, and having an IcyDock USB 3.1 Gen2 Type C hub plugged into the Gen2 type C port on the Z370 mobo, with 2 USB Type A sticks and one SSD using type C cable plugged into it (as a test), the system crashes immediately after booting into Mojave...
  4. PliSsK

    Stability dependent on M.2 slot on Z370?

    I have a Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 and have been running it on the mobo CPU Upgrade of 5.0GHz for a few years without problems. Currently the computer often restarts during boot up or shortly after log in in Mojave on the M2M slot when CPU Upgrade is set to 5.0GHz, but not in Catalina on the...
  5. PliSsK

    Unibeast 7.1.1 & Sierra

    Trying to install the Sierra installer onto USB, the file I downloaded from Apple is 'InstallOS.dmg' and opening it reveals 'InstallOS.pkg'. This isn't recognised by Unibeast. Am I right therefore in assuming it is no longer possible to create an installer for Sierra?
  6. PliSsK

    Installing 2020-004 update

    Has anyone managed to install the final 2020-004 security update on High Sierra? I have tried to open up the installer folder to locate the update files only and ignore any firmware updates but all there was was the update file and it doesn't produce the install boot option in Clover...
  7. PliSsK

    Reminders does not sync properly with iCloud

    I've never had any sync issues with OS X apps before, but since updating to Catalina, I have found that in a fresh install of Mojave on another volume, all the Apple apps sync ok with iCloud except for Reminders. Reminders syncs ok in a fresh install of Catalina with the same iCloud account...
  8. PliSsK

    EFI sys partition error 69766 & sudo fsck_msdos

    My dual boot system was working normally, with Catalina and Win 10 on the same 970 Evo+ NVMe drive (latest firmware) and both Clover and Win Boot Manager in the first EFI partition. When I performed Disk Utility First Aid on all the devices, the main EFI repair failed with the error 69766...
  9. PliSsK

    [solved] Clover on dupe CCC back up drive not detected by BIOS on Z370

    I am using Carbon Copy Cloner to create a non-encrypted bootable back up drive (Samsung T5 500GB over USB3.1 type C) of my Catalina installation. I copied all the EFI files from my main drive to the back up drive's EFI partition, including 'boot' file and 'EFI' folder containing Clover...
  10. PliSsK

    OS X 10.15 won't boot up using Z370 iGPU

    When I boot up my Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 hack using the iGPU, with iGPU specified in Peripherals in BIOS, and internal graphics set to auto, whilst BIOS and Clover start up normally, and Windows 10 works fine, OS X Catalina 10.15.4 beta won't boot up, freezing during the last part of the boot...
  11. PliSsK

    Separate Linux EFI partition?

    I've set up a triple boot system on one drive and have the microsoft and clover folders in the first EFI partition on the drive, and a separate Archman Linux EFI partition just for Linux elsewhere. Everything is working well and Linux boots up without seemingly going into grub or at least...
  12. PliSsK

    drivers64 & drivers64UEFI

    it seems there is a copy and paste error in the description in the readme.txt file for the 'drivers64UEFI' folder in Clover: 'EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI has been replaced by EFI/CLOVER/drivers/BIOS and You can remove it safely. Starting from Clover r4983 Clovers loads drivers from new...
  13. PliSsK

    Manually saving Clover back ups to EFI-Backups

    I was thinking about changing the permissions on the EFI-Backups folder on my CustoMac to read/write and manually saving my Clover back ups to it. I notice that it usually only contains one previous back up on it by default. I generally boot up from an EFI partition on another drive and store...
  14. PliSsK

    Striped RAID with 2 SSDs

    Has anyone tried making a striped RAID with one SATA3 SSD and one M.2 NVMe SSD (rather than buy a larger SSD)? If so, what is the net result, does it default to SATA3 speeds or does the r/w speed depend on which drive is being written to at any given time? Thanks.
  15. PliSsK

    Carbon Copy Cloner FileVault encrypted back up not bootable

    I have been using Carbon Copy Cloner for a year and a half with my Hackintosh and it seems that when using my default EFI Clover bootloader, with my non-encrypted CCC back up drive connected, I can see an option to boot up from my CCC EFI partition which works ok. However, if I decide to encrypt...
  16. PliSsK

    Rename Linux boot entry in Clover Config GUI screen

    Is it possible to rename a Linux EFI boot entry in Clover? I have used Clover Configurator on the Mount EFI tab to identify the Disk UUID (the Volume UUID shows 'N/A') of the Linux partition, but if I create a custom boot entry for it to rename it (using 'Linux', 'All Linux Kernal' or 'Other' as...
  17. PliSsK

    [Solved] Clover 4509 entries missing

    Has anyone updated Clover to 4509? On my system I use Clover from the EFI partition of an OS X 10.13 NVMe drive (APFS) and otherwise have one Windows 8.1 NVMe drive and one Fusion Drive with 10.13 on HFS+. With Clover 4497 I had entries for all three OSes. With 4509, I can only see the OSes on...
  18. PliSsK

    Hiding Clover boot entries with Clover Configurator

    Edit: I tried creating custom entries on the GUI screen of CC but it seems when i add a new custom entry and save the config file, close down CC and restart it, and open the same config file, the custom entries have not been saved. Is this a bug? Or am I not using it correctly? I am using the...
  19. PliSsK

    USB Boot drive & Unibootin

    I created an 10.11.6 USB boot drive using Disk Utility and the instructions from OSXDaily when my old 2008 iMac was still working, which has now died. I have decided to build a Hackintosh and want to know whether I can use this USB drive as is to install OS X on new Hackintosh hardware or not...
  20. PliSsK

    Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 module compatability

    Are all the Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 RAM modules, at clock speeds of 2666 MT/s and up to 3466 MT/s, compatible with the November 2017 hardware builds?