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OpenCore Auxiliary Tools (OCAT) Latest Release

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OpenCore Auxiliary Tools is a GUI-based Configurator for editing config.plist files for Acidanthera's OpenCore Boot Manager.

Unlike other Configurator apps, OCAT doesn't mess up the config if the Devs of OpenCore add new features/keys to the config file structure. Instead, it adapts and integrates them in the interface automatically.


Besides being a plist Configurator it can do much more:

  • Mount the EFI partion and automatically open the config.plist
  • Update and migrate configs to the latest specs simply by clicking on the "Save" button. No more copying of keys and manually validtaing the config is required (huge timesaver).
  • Automatically performs config validatation and points to possible conflicts/configuration issues.
  • Sync Feature: check for and apply updates for OpenCore, Resources and Kext with a few clicks
  • Select between Official/Dev Release and Debug builds of OpenCore
  • Dropdown Menus with suggested Quirks for Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Preset Menus for ACPI, Kernel and other lists.
  • Editable list with URLs of Kext Repos
  • Integrated ASCII < > HEX Converter
  • Database with complete base configs for Intel and AMD CPUs based on Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide
  • Ability to generate EFI folders from a config with a single click
  • Ability to Create EFI folder Backups
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