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    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    it's interesting. I just saw about the new BIOS F8 on the Gigabyte website, and I'm on F7. any problem with the F8 beside the F7? my main issue is to make my Universal Audio Apollo (Silverface) with TB1 extension card work. I have another Universal Audio Apollo (Silverface) with TB2 extension...
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    [Guide] Lenovo Flex 15 - 99% Compatibility Guide | macOS Mojave

    this guide also compatible with Lenovo Flex 5 ?
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    GIGABYTE Z270-Gaming K3 + I7 7700 + GTX 1070 + Samsung 960 EVO

    hey all need help with the installation for High Sierra . did anyone can share the EFI folder for same machine ? i always stuch at the "no sign" error. made the bios setting by that thread -
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    [WIP] VoodooI2C I2C Trackpad (Limited Support)

    thank you so much sir! btw the touch screen can be work?
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    [WIP] VoodooI2C I2C Trackpad (Limited Support)

    fasta - can u tell me how u install sierra on the ux360u and if u can send me ur clover settings and kext that u using ?
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    ASUS ux360u can install Sierra?

    Hey All i hvae ASUS ux360u and i want to install on him sierra. i saw the guide for the ASUS Zenbook UX310UAK is the same or i need something special? if i can to do that ......?
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    1050 gtx and i7 7700

    gigabyte 1050 gtx what do meen? i install the last webdriver but i dont had any differnet. maybe its about the i7700 that i make some setting that he can work as display?
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    1050 gtx and i7 7700

    i7 7700k gigabyte z270 hd3 16g ram and ssd cruciar. cant make the 1050 work properly . still have the 7m display in the "about this mac" window. i try to inject nvidia, also false inject nvidia, and web driver . don't luck, the display is still laggy and flashing . any help? ~~~~solvied~~~~~...