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    [Guide] El Capitan on the GA-H87N-WIFI with GT 740

    Thank you so much for this detailed guide. I dug up some older hardware (including this H87N-Wifi) so decided to make a workstation out of it. I remember when i first got it and installed OS X 10.8 the procedure was much more difficult than this, especially the audio part.The audio didn't work...
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    EVGA Geforce GT 740 not recognized in 10.10.3

    This just solved my problem with my gt 740 on el capitan of getting no signal after the computer finished booting up. I was about to remote into it and saw that my video memory was 0mb also. removed inject nvidia and now it boots perfectly. THANK YOU!
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for OS X 10.11.0 (346.03.02)

    I have this same issue with my Geforce gt 740. But i already have my smbios set to Mac Pro 3,1. Any other suggestions? edit: i noticed that it says i have 0mb memory. could this have something to do with it? UPDATE (SOLVED): just found this suggestion of removing inject nvidia form the...
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    Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems

    I am having an issue with a Geforce gt 740 graphics card where i can see the entire boot process and then i get no signal (but the computer is on because i can remote into it). I did a upgrade install from Yosemite. It was working perfectly on Yosemite. I have tried installing the nvidia web...
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    Clover HDMI audio for NVIDIA & AMD cards. Easy way.

    THANK YOU sooo much for finding this OP. I've confused my brain way too much for way too long trying to follow the HDMI Audio guides here. This worked great with my gt740.
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    CustoMac MIni (H87N-wifi) with 10.9.2. crashes/freezes after plugging in USB

    Can you confirm this solved the issue please? I have been having this issue as well and it is very frustrating. I have tried this method before and it did not work. I have tried reinstalling from fresh many times as well.
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    USB Hard Locking System

    nope that didnt work either. thanks though. In the method you said worked for you, what drivers exactly did you install with multineast? and did you just delete the applety.... kext? and did you rebuild the kext caches after? I really need to get this working. thank you.
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    USB Hard Locking System

    This same thing is happening to me. I tried this fix but it did not work. Any other suggestions?
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    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide January 2014

    Article: Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide January 2014 I bought the exact parts for the CustoMac Mini build but the CPU fan for the Intel Core i3-4340 does not fit in the Apex MI-008 (w/ 250W Power Supply). The power supply blocks it. Why was this recommended if it cant work? What should i do?