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    Asus G75vx Stuck FakeSMCKeyStore: started

    guys I success install Mojave and I get work everything, the only thing doesn't work is the full accellaration of my 670 Nvidia Kepler card I don't understand why doesn't work my GPU are recognized with 2gb of ram but I have 3gb, what can I do for get work ?
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    [Solved] UEFI clover boot option gone after BIOS update

    thx so much chibabah your solution is the best ever!
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    Asus G75vx Stuck FakeSMCKeyStore: started

    Hi, guys! First of all, I'm glad of this forum. I read the many guides you write here, and, now, I'll try to install the Mojave in ASUS g75vx. This is my hardware: i7-3630QM 2.40GHZ with Intel graphics HD 4000 (ivy-bridge) RAM: 8GB 1600MHz BIOS: AMI 206 version Dedicated GPU: Nvidia 670mx...