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    Bootloader problems and boot0 error

    Did you unmount the disk with the system first? you have probably seen this before but sometimes it's easy to skip a step i had a similar problem and I had forgotten to do that.
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    Post Your MultiBeast Config Files Here (.mb)

    This is excellent. Could a future build of Multibeast have an option to read your current setup and fill it for you... for those who have forgotten their MB settings :)
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    Mod About This Mac!

    Mod About This Mac 10.8! I cant remember, but is there not a hidden .plist file somewhere in the system >> prefs you need to edit?
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    Physical problems with ethernet including electrons

    I'm having the same issue and have to turn physically off for about 1 min before I get internet access even though it always says my ethernet is connected fine. Although this is not all the time, just once or twice a week. I'm using a Z77N WIFI board with a graphics card in the only PCI-e slot...
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    Mod About This Mac!

    Mod About This Mac 10.8! Ah ok, I thought I was missing something. I'll maybe do this at some point. Purely for completion purposes. :mrgreen:
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    Mod About This Mac!

    Mod About This Mac 10.8! How are you getting your overclock to show correctly? I'm overclocked to 4.4ghz but it only displays the stock 3.5ghz
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    Share your favorite Mac OS X software

    Jumpcut - a nice clipboard extension for multiple clipboard pastes TypeIt4Me - Expand long words, type etc with small triggers
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    Mod About This Mac!

    Mod About This Mac 10.8! My current Hackintosh I've since set the Ram from 1333 MHz to 1600 but cant delete the images using the manager?!
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    What's the oldest computer you use on a regular basis?

    I also have a fully functioning PowerBook G4 12" from 2004 that still works, although I've not had it on in quite a while now.
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    Will this work?

    Pretty close to the build I have now. so you'll be ok. My build to installing ML was almost painless :) (only problems were not installing the correct audio drivers)
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    First build stuck at Apple logo no spinning wheel

    If you have a graphics card plugged in it may need set to GraphicsEnabler=No
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    i7 2700k only scoring 5660 in Geekbench

    I'll try the SSDT/Sys Definitions in Multibeast and have a look at the multiplier in the BIOS when I get home tonight. It's not like the machine is slow, it's not. This just bugs me a bit
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    i7 2700k only scoring 5660 in Geekbench

    [SOLVED] i7 2700k only scoring 5660 in Geekbench Hi, I've recently built a Hackintosh with these specs: GA-Z77N-WIFI mobo Intel i7 2700k CPU OSX 10.8.3 8GB Corsair Vengeance memory @ 1600 120gb SSD Samsung 840 Asus GT640 GPU Bitfenix prodigy case I've installed everything and given it a MacPro...
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    Custom SSD Icons

    These are excellent! thanks for these :D
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    Update Your OS X Mountain Lion App to 10.8.3

    I didn't realise you were allowed to download the updated version :)