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    Skylake Intel HD 530 Integrated Graphics Working as of 10.11.4

    Is there any way to get dual display working on the hd 530 for opencore?
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    [GUIDE/Workaround] Using Intel HD530 with Dual Monitors

    Is there a variant of this for OpenCore my DVI and DP monitors work independently but one isnt recognised when both are plugged in. I've tried patching the port for the DVI as that was showing as DP. I just changed from iMac17,1 to iMac18,1 and now i can hotplug and get a black screen... progress?
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    [Guide] Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    On Big Sur with OpenCore and UHD 530, I can't get dual display to work, but they work individually?? A DP and DVI monitor respectively