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    [Protoyping] Introducing the Mac Pro Jr. - X99 E5-2699v3 64Gb AMD R9 Nano

    Hey, any news about the project? looking forward to see more pictures of it :)
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    HP 260 G1 Compatiblity

    Okay thank you for the quick answer ! yeah the performance is not that great, but for office and browsing still enough ;) maybe i will get that Dell Optiplex 3020 Micro PC, it would be better :O TY and have a nice evening ! Cheers Yannich
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    HP 260 G1 Compatiblity

    Hey guys, i just found this sweet little machine by HP and was wondering about compatiblity with OSX :idea: i do not have the money to "just try it" :mrgreen: The Dell Optiplex 3020...
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    Mac Mini Pro

    Very nice mod :) Looks pretty sweet
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    Mini G5 Case, original PSU

    Sorry This project is currently shut down :-( I hope i have the time to keep it up in the next months, or is anybody interessted to continue it ? :) Greetings Yannich
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    Mini G5 Case, original PSU

    Hey Guys, First i want to say that my project is NOT A REPLICA of neilhart's Shortstack Powermac G5, ( ) I also had the idea of a Smaller G5 Case, because i actually do not need this much space like in a...
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    OS X 10.8.4 Update

    Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update Did anyone isntalled it via Unibeast USB Stick ? ;)
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    Gigabyte Posts Z87 LGA 1150 Motherboard Lineup Video

    I hope that the z87 boards are compatible for hackintoshs :angel: btw are the new gtx 780 and 770 running osx ? the gtx770 looks very interesting compared to price and performance with the gtx680.. A haswell cpu with a new nvidia 7xx would be my next project, if it works:mrgreen:
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    GA-B75N - Intel 3225 HD 4000 HDMI Audio

    sorry for the late answer ;) okay it seems to start normal without issues, but very slowly for an ssd :shock: my old hackintosh is faster booting on a hdd, very strange. when mountain lion is up, the resolution is set to 1024x768, how do i manage this to get the native 1080p resolution ? I...
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    GA-B75N - Intel 3225 HD 4000 HDMI Audio

    thank you , i got it installed :) i installed the dsdt via multi beast + network and intel hd graphics on 7 series motherboards & chimera. but if i try to boot, the just keeps spinning... also the resolution is not set to the native 1080p of my screen i only can boot with unibeast stick:geek:
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    GA-B75N - Intel 3225 HD 4000 HDMI Audio

    thank you ;) yep it was the standart unibeast dsdt... also your version doesn't work.. my mistake :( extracted now the real b75n dsdt via windows 7
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    GA-B75N - Intel 3225 HD 4000 HDMI Audio

    First of all, thank you for your effort:) But i don't know how to edit my DSDT.aml in DSDT editor... i can open the file with the help of another mac, my usb stick has a DSDT, but without any "device imei" :thumbdown: i also tried to install the graphics kext with multibeast on the usb stick...
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    (help) dsdt for gigabyte b75n

    i'm in search of a dsdt for my gigabyte b75n board. i stuck on the installation of ml 10.8.3 when i try to use NO dsdt in unibeast. With the standart dsdt i get an kernel panic error and can't even boot to install screen :( info :i use a i7 2600k and 8gb ddr3 1600 ram on it hope you can help me...
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    GA-B75N - Intel 3225 HD 4000 HDMI Audio

    Can you explain me how to do this ? ;) Yannich