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    Time to remove Nvidia from Buyer's Guide

    I also kicked my good NVidia GTX 1060, to buy a new AMD RX 570 (same performance as the GTX 1060)... and it's working really good. I need no more NVidia drivers, and now I have never a black screen anymore.
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    A Big Thank you... and ignore all the Haters :-)

    Hello Tony, I know many people hate you (especial some german Hackintosh forums), but from me you get thumbs up. There are many ways to get a Hackintosh, and the most people talking about how easy it is, but the tutorials are... bad, because you have to do a lot of things, and then... it's...
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    First time Hackintosh Install

    I had the same issue with my new Crucial SSD 750 GB Drive (Skylake i7, Gigabyte Z170, 32 GB DDR4 Ram). So I have to use my small 64 GB SSD and then clone the installed Sierra to my big Crucial 750 GB SSD. Im using 32 GB Ram, and memtest said all is ok.
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    Update frome Yosemite to Sierra

    For me it was not working (Update vom Yosemite). So I've used a completely new Harddrive and then I've used Clover/UEFI + Sierra 10.12.1 ... that is working fine without any freezes. It was working fine with a GTX 960 (the whole installation process).
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    UniBeast: Install macOS Sierra on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    2014: The installation of Yosemite was complicated, and it took weeks to get the system stable. This is the reason why I never updated to Sierra.... yesterday I did it with the latest Unibeast/MultiBeast Tools. And it was done in a few hours. Working perfekt. Thanks.