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    Nvidia Hardware Acceleration Issue After Mavericks

    I didn't notice what clock speed my GPU operated at before upgrading to Mavericks, however it is not not operating at the full speed that it "should". I have full CPU P-state operating quite well, however my GPU is not reaching (according to iStat and HWMonitor) the clock rate it should operate...
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    ML: Native Ivy Bridge CPU and GPU Power Management

    You are a life saver, that did the trick. And for follow up for anyone else following/seeking help. Hardware: i7-3770K with Corsair liquid cooling GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Mavericks 10.9.0 I used the Gigabyte Windows over clock utility to find the "peak" stable clock and accepted it as good enough. I...
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    ML: Native Ivy Bridge CPU and GPU Power Management

    :oops: That would be an obvious error. I installed the kext directly from the Mavericks install media, it is now loading: 106 0 0xffffff7f8241f000 0x2b000 0x2b000 (216.0.0) <7 6 5 4 3 1> 113 0 0xffffff7f820bf000 0x3000 0x3000...
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    ML: Native Ivy Bridge CPU and GPU Power Management

    I am feeling like a complete tool having to post here but have exhausted everything i can think of...and am likely just needing an extra set of eyes to look at this. Hardware: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH i7-3770K (configured for OC to 4.42GHz with 43 x 103MHz base clock) GTX 650 (GeForce GTX 650 OC...
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    Gtx 650, who tried?

    Installation for me was rather simple. I had the system already running using the onboard HD400 video with 2 displays, 1 on DVI and 1 on HDMI using MacMini 5,1 system. This was done with GE=no, and defining the device properties in the org.chameleon.Boot.plist per the build write up for my...
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    Gigabyte Z77X-UP5TH - Thunderbolt/Display Port bypassing Graphics card?

    Welcome to Nvidia, why should you expect display port on a GPU? I would prefer to use DP for everything, but Geforce cards rarely support multiple display ports. If you want native DP you have to fight with getting a Radeon to work.
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    Gtx 650, who tried?

    No HDMI audio for me, I use this with a pair of Dell U2410 monitors so HDMI audio isn't very appealing to me.
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    Gtx 650, who tried?

    I've been using my GTX650 for a week now and its been fine, the iTunes issue probably is HDCP...but I haven't bothered to look into it as if I want to watch a movie from iTunes I'll do it on my Apple TV or another iDevice. The graphics card is quiet, drives both of my monitors to my needs...
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    GTX 650 working OOB (mostly, other than iTunes video playback)

    I have been using my HD4000 waiting for a new "OOB" GPU to switch to. My system has been working great with the HD4000, however I needed a bit more oomph and the GT640 seemed over priced for having DDR3. I ordered the Gigabyte GTX 650 2GB card (GV-N650OC-2GI). The box arrived this morning...
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    Matrox DualHead2Go: Triple Screen?

    There are dozens of pages that show examples of how the DualHead2Go work, are you just too lazy to look for them? There is nothing special about a Hackintosh in that regard. The OS detects 1 screen for the DH2G (or TH2G), so you then must use software plugins that make so things only full...
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    Revogirl SSDT generation script

    Do you bother to read any of the linked Wikipedia pages or even the specifications of your processor?
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    VmWare Fusion 'Not 64 bit CPU'

    What version of Fusion are you running and what is your OSX version? I use it regularly on my i7-3370K, do you have all of the virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS? While the 3770K doesn't support VT-d, that is a non-issue as Fusion doesn't support VT-d. Fusion only needs the other...
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    How to pick a Power Supply Unit that matches your hardware

    One important element that is missing is the discussion about how the load impacts efficiency. Any of you that buy a 1600W power supply and are only drawing 150W from it are never going to get the efficiency rating of that PSU. The deficiency ratings are generally in the range of 20%-50% of...
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    Strange YouTube Issue With Gigabyte Z77X-UP5TH's Onboard NIC

    I am using the UP5TH with only the onboard NIC and have not seen this problem. If I open Youtube in Chrome everything is instantaneous, as it is in Safari or Firefox. Do you all have the same GPU? Perhaps different Flash execution environments are leveraging a different method for hardware...