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    I have the Maximus VIII Hero. Definitely plan on getting this dual booting. Currently just running windows 10 for gaming.
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    Nvidia GTX 980 TI no problems under 10.10.5 Beta + Web Drivers

    Can you elaborate on what you did?
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    Buyer's guide for the 980 Ti's?

    The way in which you achieved this is possibly vital. Did you install the OS with the 970 and then after the machine was set up you powered off the machine and switched graphics cards? Or did you install the OS AFTER the 980ti was added to the build? Thanks.
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    [FIXED]DIGI 003 high pitched noise when audio is playing

    I was getting kernel panics after installing protools and the core audio drivers. I finally got it to work but then, whenever the driver is initialized as in iTunes plays a song or i launch protools, i was getting a high pitched noise!!!! At first I thought it was the speakers, then a ground...
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    [GUIDE]GA-X58A-UDR3 rev. 2 BIOS FG w/5870 or GTX580 10.7.2

    I am going to try and make this as clear as possible. There are a lot of really helpful people on this forum and site. I would like to show my gratitude by contributing this guide. I previously followed other guides that worked great for 10.6. I believe "notshy" and "jpa" deserve credit for...
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    GUIDE for my system + DUAL boot with WIN7

    I currently have my machine dual booting on 2 separate drives- however, I have to reconfigure the bios and then navigate the boot menu after hitting F12 ... But I now have windows 7 running SATA 3 on a Crucial 300 SSD and OSX 10.6.6 on my intel sata 2 SSD. It seems to work great. I just had to...
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    Asus P6T7 WS Super Computer - my fourth Hackintosh

    LOL I gave up on this board... I still have the board and a Nvidia 250 and a hard drive just sitting in my room though.... hmmmm I might need to give it another shot!
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    Need Help Building My System!

    I am assuming you are going for a rack mount case due to the fact that you have all your other components arranged in this fashion for your studio? I have the same processor you picked. I like your ram selection. I can tell you that I just finished following that guide and my machine has been...
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    CustoMac Pro Install Guide (X58A-UD3R+ATI 5770+10.6.7+64bit)

    Re: CustoMac Pro Install Guide (X58A-UD3R+ATI 5770+10.6.6+64bit) :D
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    hanging at apple logo...

    very excited!!!!
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    CustoMac Pro Install Guide (X58A-UD3R+ATI 5770+10.6.7+64bit)

    Re: CustoMac Pro Install Guide (X58A-UD3R+ATI 5770+10.6.6+64bit) Thank you very much!!!! This is working great. I had some issues at first but the newest iboot 2.6.3 fixed that. :)desktop.jpg
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    hanging at apple logo...

    I ended up using my 1 TB drive as the boot drive because final cut and logic don't like to be installed on anything but the system drive. I wish i could afford a really big ssd :(
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    hanging at apple logo...

    system.jpgYes success here as well! The newest iboot seems to have been the answer. I was actually able to target disk mode my macbook pro to the new hackintosh and transfer all my data. I ran multi beast with the the settings listed in Notshy's install guide, and I have now got a pretty...
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    hanging at apple logo...

    Update 2: Everything is working. I just installed my DIGI 003 R+ and I am getting sound through it. I am going to try and install logic and final cut and see what happens :)
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    hanging at apple logo...

    UPDATE!!!!!!! I searched the forums and downloaded the new iboot 2.6.3.... IT is WORKING!!!!! Installing now. I will post my results!