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    [Complete] Mac Classic II Hackintosh Color+ conversion

    Looking forward to see new posts for this project. Should modify and old school Mac keyboard too.
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    erik's "Tiny But Mighty" HTPC: ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac - i5-8400 - UHD 630 Graphics - High Sierra

    better performance than most of the PCs. Still in tiny box. Impressive.
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    [Success] Mini-ITX build GIGABYTE Z390 I AORUS PRO WiFi + i9 9900K

    Great config, great result... Wonderful
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    neilhart - What is this? Old Guard EX58-UD3R into a Prodigy (mini-ITX) case?

    I like the way you mount PSU with 1 screw.
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    [WIP] G5 Case Mod — GA B550M DS3H — Ryzen 5 3600X — RX580 Pulse 8GB

    You are right. But my idea is "don't give me the fish but teach me to fish" If I have a CNC, not only G5, I could build whatever I want. Think about it.
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    open source G5 CNC templates

    Very helpful idea
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    PowerMac G5 PC Case Mod...yet again :) (build log)

    Pretty good work, pretty skilled jobs. Maybe works effective too. But aesthetics? I am not sure.
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    G5 'No Rear Cut'.

    Yes you are right. If Apple switches to AMD processors for every Mac like notebook and desktop + iMac, then its finished for Nvidia. I wish they continue with Intel because I have Intels.
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    Mac G5 ATX Conversion - Noob Attempt 2

    I think I need a tray like this.
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    [WIP] G5 Case Mod — GA B550M DS3H — Ryzen 5 3600X — RX580 Pulse 8GB

    Guys we need to have a CNC to fabricate our own metal Apple looklike PC cases. Oooh I wish. Search for project Wing X99
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    G5 'No Rear Cut'.

    No hope with Catalina. So I gave up with primary system. I have an mini-ITX system with integrated gpu, I continue with them rarely. Main system for gaming and watch Netflix mostly with Windows. But I hope to hear from Nvidia driver, please please pleaseee...
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    G5 'No Rear Cut'.

    Good work for a budget. Keep trying
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    iMac G4 MOD with 27' curved screen

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    17" iMac G4 MOD

    One of the best !!!
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    Its posible put a bigger display in Imac g4 15"

    It would be great to fit bigger one. Give it a try