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    BrcmPatchRAM - Upload firmware into Broadcom Bluetooth USB devices

    I'm actually all the way back on 10.9 (because I like 10.9!), which is also why I'm using the original bcrmpatchram rather than bcrmpatchram2/3. (The reason I'm unloading the kext in the first place is to get VirtualHere to work—it can't take control of the BT adapter unless the default kext is...
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    BrcmPatchRAM - Upload firmware into Broadcom Bluetooth USB devices

    Thank you—I know from experience that mine does need patching! It's an AzureWave AW-CE123H, and it doesn't work at all without bcrmpatchram. With bcrmpatchram, it works fine, except when I manually unload the broadcomm kext so the adapter can be used by other software. When I later reload the...
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    BrcmPatchRAM - Upload firmware into Broadcom Bluetooth USB devices

    A bit of an edge case, but is it possible to manually force brcmpatchram to work its magic at some arbitrary point after boot time? For compatibility with some other software, I sometimes need to run sudo kextunload -b When I later...
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    Step-by-step guide! OpenCL and CUDA fix for GTX780 and Titan (GK110B)!

    Greetings from the future! I just wanted to confirm this worked for me, on the old-school Mavericks machine I built! I explicitly chose to use a GTX 780 6GB in my build, as it appears to be the most powerful GPU that's compatible with the default Apple video drivers in Mavericks. Previously...
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    Apple Updates MacBook Pros with 8th-Generation Intel CPUs and 32GB RAM

    Apple is a company that has been very good at balancing the push for good design with the need to perform well. A 2015 Macbook Pro may not be the most powerful laptop out there, but it struck a very good balance between a desire to be thin and light with the ability to handle performance...
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    Apple Updates MacBook Pros with 8th-Generation Intel CPUs and 32GB RAM

    Well, maybe that's a problem on a super-expensive laptop line ostensibly intended for "Pros". We can argue until the cows come home about where Intel "should" be, but the fact of the matter is—even leaving aside compatibility—x86 is the only game in town at this level of performance. I'm sure...
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    Is 100% hassle free hackintosh possible?

    All the Hackintosh's I've ever set up have been 100% reliable once I was done with the initial set-up stage. It's the beginning that's super finicky; once you're done you're done.
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for OS X 10.11.6 (346.03.15)

    While I recognize that it's impossible to predict the future, are we still expecting pascal support to actually happen at some point? I think it has been six months now. If it's still probably coming, I should I should continue to use Integrated Graphics while I wait (despite issues with the...
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Hasn't been possible in the past with major point upgrades like this You're going to have to upgrade.
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    Nvidia 960 4 gb not working-El Capitan Desktop Suport

    Possibly a stupid question, but does the graphics card work properly under Windows?
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    Status Of Amd Gpu's?

    Thanks a lot for the link, I guess I should have searched a bit harder beforehand.
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    Status Of Amd Gpu's?

    I currently have a GTX 970 in my Hackintosh. I'm planning to get a new GPU in the next few months, and I would like to make the switch to AMD, if at all possible. My reasons for wanting an AMD card are a bit more complicated than I want to get into here. Suffice to say, I use a number of...
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Hi! I just ran the automatic HDMI audio script. It didn't work—after rebooting, I still don't have HDMI audio. I don't really care about HDMI audio that much, so I'm not too upset nor am I interested in troubleshooting the problem further. However, in the interest of having a "clean" system...
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    Windows 10 Preparing Automatic Repair

    Yeah, I have that turned off already. :/
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    Windows 10 Preparing Automatic Repair

    OMG, so I'm not the only one this has been happening to! I'd concluded that there must be something wrong with the HDD I was using for Windows. It's a really strange problem, but it happens consistently despite completely reinstalling W10 several times: Everything will work find at first, but...