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    MultiBooting El Capitán/Mojave

    If you press F3 at the Clover boot screen, do you then see your Mojave partition ?
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    LGA1200 mini-ITX Board

    That Asus board is LGA1151, not LGA1200.
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    Anyone willing to be a 'build-buddy'?

    Users are encouraged to post in public so that other forum members may benefit from advice given and any lessons learned, which has always been the community focus and ethos of this site. :thumbup:
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    Solved > Blu-ray burner WH12LS39

    And yes, you could also just buy the power adaptor cable instead.
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    Solved > Blu-ray burner WH12LS39

    The cable you have now referenced above should work, yes. Please do not go back and ask questions in previous posts, it makes them more difficult to keep up with. Just post a new message :thumbup:
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    LGA1200 mini-ITX Board

    I saw a couple of posts on Reddit for guys who have apparently used Asrock Z490M-ITX/ac. They stated they were up and running enough to use the desktop but not fully configured.
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    Solved > Blu-ray burner WH12LS39

    Those 2 cables are the same connector of course, except one is 'right angled'. They are for data, not power. If you google 'right angled sata connector' you will see lots of options to choose from. Power is supplied through a sata power connector which is one of the wires from your PSU...
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    Name the Next macOS (11.0)

    Anything is possible in the land of hackintosh...
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    Does New Apple Chips = Hackintosh End?

    Apple are not doing all of this just because of the hackintosh scene. They want control of as much hardware as possible by bringing it in-house. The lack of progress on Intel chips in recent years has no doubt accelerated that.
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    New build advice: H110/H310 or similar?

    Asrock actually produced a Z370 version of the deskmini which would have been great had it ever been let out in the wild.
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    2020 is the Twentieth Anniversary of Mac OS X What does the future hold ?

    If the software transition is to become as trivial as they are making out, then support for Intel could last many many years yet.
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    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    If Parallels, VMware, VirtualBox et al produce ARM related versions of their products, then some kind of virtualisation might be a poor mans option.
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    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    Who else produces ARM based desktop hardware ?
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    Do a search / replace. Find: _PSD Replace with: PSD