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    Update Your OS X Mountain Lion App to 10.8.3

    I'm a fairly new Hackintosh user, and I am confused by this article--please help! I am running happily on 10.8.2. Can I use "Software Update... " to update safely to 10.8.3? Do I need to create a new UniBeast install USB flash drive to upgrade to 10.8.3, or is it just generally good advice to do...
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    Everything is working, now how can I record my MultiBeast settings?

    Hi everyone, I am a first-time builder (of any computer), so my expertise is very limited. After doing a lot of reading (and desperately needing a better computer), I decided to go for it and used parts from Tony's "Ivy Bridge CustoMac Pro Build" buying guide: Intel Core i7-3770K...