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    Thunderbolt Networking

    Same situation as you, but I have seen miracles happening on this community, so let's not lose hope.
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    [success] Mojave/X99-UD4/i7-5820k/GT-740 [so far so good]

    Hi, do you mind to share your EFI folder? I am having difficulties making it to the installer. Also are you still using MacPro6,1?
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    Thunderbolt Networking

    Hi, so you managed to make it work? I have my Gigabyte GC-Titan Ridge working with hard drives, but I can't make it work over network. I don't have the option to add Thunderbolt bridge on network preferences, do you have it? Thank you
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    iMac Pro X299 - Live the Future now with macOS 10.14 Mojave [Successful Build/Extended Guide]

    Hi @rolandino , did you fully implemented the WX 9100 using the Vega64 implementation + WEG? Is everything working. Thanks mate
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    Success With Thunderbolt on GA-X99P-SLI / i5820K Combination!

    Thank you! I did it via Windows indeed.
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    Is now the time?

    IMHO new Mac Pro would be a very expensive piece of equipment, as long as hackintosh continue to be this stable, I'll stick with it, it's easier and cheaper to upgrade. About the AMG GPU, I can't really help as I don't own one, but did you check this post...
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    GA-X299 Designare EX i9 7920 Successful Booting

    Did you get your Designare EX and i9-7980XE fully working with kgp's guide or did you use another one? It seems some people has this mobo fully working (even TB3 hotswap) but I don't see any specific guide anywhere.
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    Workstation for video: air or water cooled?

    Dear members of the forum, I use my computer exclusively for color grading, and as I'm planing to upgrade my system, I'm doing a little research on cooling both CPU and GPU. I know is a recurrent topic but I'd like to focus the question on video workstations. To be more specific I'm aiming to a...
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    GA-X299 Designare EX i9 7920 Successful Booting

    Hi @karthik, What CPU are you using? Is everything working for you? Including onboard TB3?
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    Highpoint Rocketraid 2720SGL caught fire

    WOW! I just read this looking for a RAID card, you were so lucky. Did you replace it with another card?
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    Highpoint 2720SGL WORKS Perfectly in a Hackintosh

    Actually I'm thinking about 3x 2TB SSD on RAID 0, I don't know if that configuration will benefit from having a RAID card or it's just fine using Disk Utility as I'm doing right now with 3 x 2TB HDD. I just need as much as Read/Write performance as I can get, and I don't know if having a RAID...
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    Highpoint 2720SGL WORKS Perfectly in a Hackintosh

    Thanks for the reply about the cable @macs_forever About the disk benchmark, do you have any idea when you posted or where? You have a bunch of benchmarks posted but I'm having trouble finding the disks ones. Thanks!
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    Highpoint 2720SGL WORKS Perfectly in a Hackintosh

    Hi @macs_forever , what are your write/read speeds of those 12 drives in RAID 10? And, are you connecting 4 drives on each mini SAS connector using this type of cable? Thanks
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    Video Assist with touch screen | i7-6700K - GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 - Intel HD 530

    Hi @bshermis , did you try to connect the card in other PCI Express slot?