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    Video card for old GA-Z77x-UP5 TH Mobo? Where to look..

    Ahh my bad. im running High Sierra. No worries cheers.
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    Video card for old GA-Z77x-UP5 TH Mobo? Where to look..

    Ive no longer got my GTX 760 I have the 1050Ti 4GB model. I do plan to try getting this card working. What is the overall support like with the Nvidia Web Drivers? do they work okay in Catalina?
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    CustoMac Mini 2013: GA-H87N-WIFI - Core i3-4340 - Intel HD 4600

    Attach screenshot of verbose mode.
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    [Success] Mojave on EP45-UD3L

    Black screen is most likely a Graphics issue from what i see youre using a 9600GT? i believe that Apple has removed support for the older cards.
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    [Success] Mojave on EP45-UD3L

    Try this. I have seen this activity on older hardware in the past where USB doesnt work. This can be caused HPET issues or Kernel Cache problems could even require USB Fixes.
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    [Guide] Enabling ATI Radeon HD 5450

    Please follow forum rules and add your hardware to your profile.
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    [Success] Mojave on EP45-UD3L

    Is the Mouse and Keyboard USB? attach Clover Folder in zip format.
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    Hd3000 Glitch

    HD3000 Graphicial aretefacts are common. You're using a wrong SMBIOS you have a laptop not a desktop. macbook pro 8,2 is the correct SMBIOS.
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    After Installing Catalina and a WiFi/BT card, Sleep Doesn't Work

    Please provide problem reporting files. ioreg & Clover Folder ZIP.
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    The New Beginner's Guide to USB Port Configuration

    Im still using the old method. usbinjectall along with SSDT-UIAC which works fine. I believe that this new method is for OC Bootloader and not for Clover. Attach ioreg using save copy as.
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    pastrychef's Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming (WI-FI AC) build w/ i9-9900K + AMD Vega 56

    Attach ioreg. Save Copy As Attach. guide-how-to-make-a-copy-of-ioreg.58368
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    Rufus Alternative on Mac

    Format the Drive. Mount the ISO and copy the files over manually if youre booting in UEFI.