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    Z790 Chipset & Raptor Lake

    Ok, thanks. I suppose no hot plug, even with the SSD to force it ? Did you flash yours ? I didn't because I use Windows, too.
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    Z790 Chipset & Raptor Lake

    Hello, do you have the Titan Ridge 2.0 running with this F4K BIOS?
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    fenvi T919 Wifi not working after 12.4 update.

    This as nothing to do with the card. It's something with the DMAR table, with z490 you should create a custom one.
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    macOS 12.3.1 Update

    Update went well from 12.3, nothing to do : OC 0.7.9 It correct 5700 xt bug, you can delet name : ATY,Adder from properties.
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    macOS 12.3 Update Causes Problems for 5700/6800/6900 Graphics Cards

    Add this in devices properties, with your graphic deivces path :
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    macOS 12.3 Update Causes Problems for 5700/6800/6900 Graphics Cards

    This fix my lag and temp Issue : For 5000 series, use ATY,Adder instead of ATY,Belknap thanks to guys doing theses fix!!
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    I225-V 2.5Gb Ethernet not working on z490

    For Monterey 12.3 boot arg change, now : e1000=0
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    macOS 12.3 Update

    I didn't try anything for now, but this 12.3 update finally broke my intel i225V onboard LAN, using a realtek PCIE LAN with kext now. So it took a long time, lots of reboot until I understand that I need to disable the onboard LAN (which already give me pain before). (edit) changing bootarg from...
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    Gigabyte Z690 ELITE AX D4 + i9-12900K + AMD RX 6600 XT

    All AMD card seems to have this issue, If you plug them to a monitor with more than 1080p 60HZ: Memory is at full speed all the time. Os X driver for AMD is the Issue, possibly not the hack. I got the same with my 5700xt in Monterey, I partly solve it using this + silent FAN:/...
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    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    Hello, Do you got any temp issue with your z trio ? Like much high idle temps than in windows? I got that with the 5700 xt (and the vega befor it), apparently Osx video driver make the memomry run at max speed when connected to a monitor that do more than 1080P 60Hz. But I can do a little...
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    AMD Radeon Performance Enhanced SSDT

    If some of you have heat issue with their 5700 xt and high refresh rate monitor in idle state, underclocking the memory the memory did the trick for me. You can also underclock other things. Using this...
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    [GUIDE] Replace non-working Intel I225 with 82574L PCIe NIC (Monterey + OpenCore)

    Hello I got almost the same NIC, but on a z490 aorus pro ax, and the i225-V work, with 2 things. Under device property section: <key>PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1C,0x4)/Pci(0x0,0x0)</key> <dict> <key>AAPL,slot-name</key> <string>Internal@0,28,4/0,0</string>...
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    Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Pro Ax + i9-10805K + 5700 XT

    Hello, some update for this board. In this zip you have 2 EFI file, one for Monterey, another one for Catalina, with open core. In both you have to add your MLB, ROM, Serial and UUID numbers. Use iMac 20.2 . Only thing that don't work is some thunderbolt devices in Monterey (like the apple...
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    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.8 > 0.6.9 differences

    Yea it seems to work:) Thanks a lot
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    [HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.8 > 0.6.9 differences

    Thanks for the info, I may try this later on, but changing this kind of things messed up the windows and macos licences. About the philosophy I am not so sure. There was a quirck for windows back in 0.5.x But the guy in charge have been "fired", cause he didn't respect some chart.