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    BCM943602CS and max connection speed

    On Windows 10, I get 866mbps wifi speed.
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    BCM943602CS and max connection speed

    I have Broadcom BCM943602CS and Deco M4 wifi router. But I notice wifi connection link is only 300mbps. Where could be issue that it does not connect with 1.2ghz (or 1.3 or at least 866) as advertised? Deco M4 has 5ghz enabled and PC is in range of 3m without any obstacle.
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    UEFI entry temoving

    I have removed ssh of macos becauswe it failed. Despite having only windows ssd in pc, I have this uefi entry macos. How to remove that?
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    UniBeast: Install macOS Catalina on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    HDD should be formatted APFS instead macOS Extended (Journaled) as writen in tutorial.
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    New motherboard with wifi

    I received a cpu i7 8700 for a bargain (including 2x8GB DDR4). Now I'm looking for motherboard that fits my needs and hackintosh recommends. Additional things I'm looking for is M.2 port, since I already own 500GB M.2 NVMe Samsung. Not a bad thing is to have extra M.2 slot for Windows HDD (at...
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    Errors and warning on boot

    I noticed quite few error in clover verbose boot. Motherboard is Gigabyte Z87-HD3 Clover version is 5098 Text in EFI/Clover/Kext updated with latest Complete EFI folder included in attachment. First thing which bothers is this error ACPI ACPI Error [^^^GFX0.CLID] [^^^GFX0.CLID] Namespace...
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    Installation Stalls

    I'm using iMac14.1 definition, because iMac14.1 did have same cpu
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    Installation Stalls

    Yes, clover is updated and all kext in efi folder
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    Installation Stalls

    I'm having similar problem like many. Currently using 10.14.4 and trying to update 10.15.1 After reboot and choosing "Install Catalina" in Clover boot, it gets stuck on this screen (for 20mins). I noticed "ACPI error" even on Mojave (verbose), but just pass this and Mojave works fine. I...
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    Clover bootloader screen resolution

    I bought 4k monitor. Now my bootloader is very small. I would like to set "scale" resolution to bootloader (like 1920x1080). UEFI boot only, w8 whql. Is there any other trick to "lower" resolution to FHD (4k is just too small). PS: I have scale in osx (looks like 2560x1440)
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    Apple Keyboard with Windows 10 - Best AutoHotKey Boot Camp Script

    Could someone re-upload this script file? Thank you
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    Apple keyboard driver for Windows 10

    I have installed BC6 and AppleKeyboard driver in Windows 10 x64. Volume controle works fine. But brightness and media control don't work. Any tip how to make that work in W10? Brightness and media key work fine in macos
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    Continuity and Handoff Capable Apple Mini Cards + PCIe and mini-PCIe Adapters

    Interesting. I do use USB3 on pc. I might try this. Thank you
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    Continuity and Handoff Capable Apple Mini Cards + PCIe and mini-PCIe Adapters

    I stopped using wifi to try to avoid BT issues. But when using BT headsets (wifi off!), signal is not strong, there are sound disturbances while listening to music (mp3 from hard drive). Might be BCM943602CS bad, should I get another card or BT modul or maybe better antennas?
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    Clover volume icons

    Found the issue and solution it's theme config file under Theme/Badges/Show