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    Wizzard005's Mac Pro Build , Built for Final Cut X 10

    Must have not looked hard enough if you could not find anything better. I am not saying your build is bad. But it is not 'the best on the internet'.
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    Would you recommend the CustoMac Mini with an i7?

    Im sure there will be a 2012 customac mini once a 2012 mini releases. Not much of a reason to do a 2012 one if Ivy Bridge is not out yet. The i7 will work with the motherboard. I am not sure if that case would have adequate cooling though.
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    First Build - King Night - GA-Z68A-D3H - i7 2600K - 9500 GT

    Re: First Build - King Night Thats crazy, I thought those GPUs didn't work with OS X? If so I certainly hope a 560 ti works in OS X cause I very much prefer nVidia GPUs over AMD/ATI.
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    Hyper Hack Mini Build - Core I7-2600k - GA-H67N-USB3-B3

    Very nice! I am planning on doing a similar build. Glad to hear everything worked without a hitch.
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    Choosing a Video Card (Nvidia or AMD)

    The CustoMac builds on the blog recommend the 6870, there are numerous threads in the forums talking about great success with these boards, how is he being rude if you could not take the time to search or look around?
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    [English] karacho's Hac-Mini - GA-H67N-USB3-B3 F7 GTX 550 TI

    Thanks so much for the reply! I am actually thinking the SG07 or SG08 (I can't find where it is available, it is not on NewEgg or Amazon) because they come with a 600w power supply (for extra security). It also enough space for 2 2.5" Hard Drives and 2 3.5" Hard Drives and can fit up to a 12"...
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    [English] karacho's Hac-Mini - GA-H67N-USB3-B3 F7 GTX 550 TI

    Really nice build, I might make something similiar. So the included PSU is enough to power everything with no issues? If not, will any mini itx PSU work? I am also thinking of getting a 6870 as you said the GPU you were using wasn't that successful, will that alleviate some problems? Thanks...
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    Build a PC or Buy a PC ?

    I am pretty sure the graphics card would work fine. I have seen others on the forum use it. If anything it would be better as it is the actual model Apple uses curently, but I would never purchase it brand new cause it costs way too much for what it gives. I guess that is why we are all on a...
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    i5-2500k or i7-2600k... Can someone convince me?

    Exactly. Only some programs will benefit from Hyper Threading, but all programs will benefit from an overclocked i5!
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    i5-2500k or i7-2600k... Can someone convince me?

    If you don't use programs that take use of hyperthreading, I wouldn't bother.
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    eelmod: G4 Cube w/ Videos worklog

    Re: My Next eel Customod ! Can't wait to see how this turns out! Good luck!
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    Question about PSU in G5

    I would do that if I had more experience with that kind of stuff and if I had a ready supply of power supplies to try this out with hahah! That does look very nice though and keeps the stock look
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    Question about PSU in G5

    Ok thank you again for the quick reply! I will be doing more research now on other parts of this forum.
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    Question about PSU in G5

    Wow, that really helped me out, thanks! I would just tear out the internals of the new PSU and put them in the G5's casing, but I have never even built a PC before let alone hackintosh or let alone mod a case, haha! But I hope to learn and I have a lot of tools and a lot of ambition. Thanks so...
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    Question about PSU in G5

    Thank you very much for the reply, I was not very sure if there are different sizes for PSUs so I was checking first. Btw, I love your mod! Very nice how you made the motherboard tray flush with the back, looks really nice! Great job!