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    [Guide] Install macOS Sierra on Alienware Alpha (Drivers, Messages, FaceTime ...)

    Ty this got my alpha r1 i3 going , I had to do it a little different. I have to get the new multi and uni beast. The one provided some of there files have expired. After I created the thumb drive I took your plist and put it in clover in the efi on thumb drive. I put on haswell in clover and...
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    [SUCCESS] Alienware Alpha R1 60 second guide

    Hi I know it's been 2 years but I'm trying this and if hangs on apple logo almost loading the installer but there is a pinwheel in the corner . I'm using a searra thumb drive made with unibeast and searra from the app store. It keeps hanging. Should I use no flags don't select a eufi or legacy...
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    Alienware alpha r1

    I have an Alpha R1, i3, 130GB SSD, 8GB RAM which I use it for making things in Fusion 2.5. But, I need a Mac, too, for exporting. I made my thumb drive, and it has a folder with the injectors Clover, MultiBeast and UniBeast. It also has Realtek LAN HDMI audio and Nvidia web drivers. It hangs at...