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    Hackintosh Booting Into Blue Screen

    Hi all, First time hackintosh builder here. Loving the fun of doing this, but i've hit a road block and it's getting a bit frustrating! I have a: -Ga-H77-DS3H (bios v F5) -I5-3570K -EVGA GTX 550 TI 1GB -TP-Link Wireless Adapter -HDMI connection from Video card to monitor I installed Mountain...
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    ML hanging at "macx_swapon SUCCESS", ethernet issue?

    So, I figured out that in order not to hang, at the chimera boot menu I had to use the following: "GraphicsEnabler=No boot flag" Hope this helps.
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    ML hanging at "macx_swapon SUCCESS", ethernet issue?

    Hi there, I have the same issue. I'm running the Gigabytre GA-H77, i5-3570K, HD4000, and SEAGATE barracuda 1TB built in graphics. When booting w/o unibeast i get to an apple logo with a frozen loading sign. When running verbose I end on "macx_swapon SUCCESS". A little bit of context: -First...