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    [SUCCESS] Mojave 10.14.1 on Gigabyte B360N WIFI + i3-8100 + UHD 630 + DELL DW 1560

    @ZdzislawPomata What WIFI/BT or Combo Card/Plug did you use. Cheers, Trip
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    No more Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth support for new GB H370N-WIFI/B360N-WIFI

    ... but in the Manual of B360N-WIFI/GSM it is stated that the WIFI Modul is a M.2 one - so it should work also with a Broadcom m.2 WIFI module. Can anybody confirm? And by the way the H360N-WIFI has a brother - called H360N-GSM ... which has a PCIX slot which should also be able to work with...
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    [Request for Information]ASUS Mini PC PN60-BB5012MD (90MR0011-M00120)

    Hi Guys! I just stumbled over a Intel NUC YT video and I was very pleast about it to watch. Unfortunately the WIFI/BT Chip is hard soldered and cannot be removed. So it started to make me curious to see if there are other vendors. I found the ASUS Mini PC PN60-BB5012MD (90MR0011-M00120) with...
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    Is this setup compatible? B360N i5-8400

    I am also interested. What's the status?