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    How to Hackintosh on HP computers?

    Seemund To reset the boot order to the default settings, follow the steps below. - Or to change settings in HP BIOS Turn on or restart the computer. While the display is blank, press the f10 key to enter the BIOS settings menu. You can navigate the BIOS settings at this point... do not do step...
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    Cant install Snow leopard on Ivy Bridge

    ach You "JACK'd" the preceding post or tread.... that's a NO NO... Read the RULES.... SO I moved this to a new post or thread. Now to your question. Snow Leo will not Hard Disk Boot w Your Hardware..... ever.... You will need to use IBoot to Boot up. Reason... Kernel needs to...
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    Problem starting up new install 10.6.3 :-(

    Yes GB is correct the ATI x1300 is not supported in Snow Leo... this was last supported in Leopard or 10.5 you hardware is to old for SL... suggest something newer and install Yosemite ...
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    Please help me install Snow Leopard

    Good Show .... and thanks to Going Bald for all of his incite into this install... Steve the HD7770 may be a problem w SL just to let you know... as the HD7770 was released after Apple has stopped all development on Snow Leo and move onto LION - Mountain LION - etc...
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    KP after Chimera Update on SL

    ed this is how I do mine.. SL to me is my fav OSX and I always have to on its own HDD... As for others like Mavericks and Yosemite they can go on another drive w 2 or more partitions. Using CHimera 4 etc. Of course I have it (SL ) on systems that can support it.... chipsets that were...
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    ASUS H97I-Plus Hangs

    Sip&eat Please review this link as it covers the Intel i218V Nic you have. You will need a kext installer to install the kext ... one is available from the downloads.
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    dscorp This motherboard has a Intel GMA950 onboard video which will be a problem... since updates for Snow Leo From Apple do not support this chipset. Suggest you use an alternative video card and disable this in the BIOS. Also you can do a GOOGLE lookup on these terms gigabyte ga...
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    KP after Chimera Update on SL

    ed As to your post w several OSX version on a HDD ... this has been one of my concerns. Do to SL age and using older versions of Chimera - the advancements in Chimera 3 and 4 have left SL in the Dust so to speak. Suggest you use a two Drive method for this situation. And older Drive...
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    Ethernet not recognized in Snow Leopard 10.6.3 installation, should I install Multi-beast to fix iss

    Jm from a prior post you listed the "Killer" network ... this is a no go for SL... need someother method of networking say a Apple USB Network dongle and disable this in the BIOS.
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    Snow Leopard Hangs Apple screen after 10.6.8 & Multibeast installation

    jm Major issues here I think... First of you will need to use iBOOT for all boot ups untill u get Mavericks or Yosemite installed as SL has no support for the Z97 interface on this mother board. GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-GAMING GT Z97 ATX MOBO Also you list the Killer network card ... this...
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    Disk Utility doesn't show my hard drive

    To Both VladMecca and H83 This Motherboard has a NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI controller... Our tools and methods do not work w non Intel Controllers. See the RULES which state this so... So as this is a DEAD HORSE ..... its headed to the GLUE Factory.
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    PCI Wifi Card(WDN4800) Question.

    Timan By your hardware description of the computer I assume you connecting w Snow Leo 10.6.8. Suggest if your Router supports this feature that you check the Router logs to see if the router is changing channels due to interference, I had this problem which was caused by so many WIFI...
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    Snow Leopard Build Problems

    MCSquared... As GB has pointed out these steps are followed... what may not be clear in your mind is that what we need to BOOT from as long as we are on Snow Leo is to use the CD Drive w a CD of iBOOT Haswell which you will need to make. Haswell hardware is not natetifly supported for...
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    Multibeast not installing bootloader or any other drivers

    daven99 well ok then good luck...
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    Snow Leopard 64 bit PROBLEM

    Natty You could try this ... post dosent say either 32 or 64 bit