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    Can Not Boot into the Big Sur Installation with Clover 5126

    you need to change the bootx64 also otherwise it is not the new clover
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    Can Not Boot into the Big Sur Installation with Clover 5126

    1. do you have a clover that works on Catalina? 2. did you change the bootx64 also?
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    Big Sur install Clover kernel panic

    somehow it worked. hope it stays stable. reformatted the ssd in apfs and after install needed a pram reset in clover.
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    Big Sur install Clover kernel panic

    Hi, i was able to install but then only kernel panic at boot
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    No-Compromise PowerMac G4 Case Mod

    i do like the approach. But no Compromise? I do see a lot of them. But o.k. Try to find a Zip drive Fron Panel Cover and put the USB behind this.
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    G4 Mod - Remove aluminum Block?

    sadly it seems this is a slighty dead forum. I used a tool like yours and twistet it out. it is doable.
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    Awful super cheap Quicksilver Mod

    just some minor tweaks. 1. a bit more RAM 2. a second SSD with Mojave (for Games (32bit)) 3. Case is fully black. 4. Front USB and SD Card reader behind the ZIP-Drive Cover 5. Radeon MSI R9 270X small Form factor. 2 Displays. 1. DVI FHD Benq 2. Mini-DP/VGA 1680*1050 Samsung While playing ETR2...
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    Motherboard laptop in macbook pro

    I don't think so because of the height
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    eMac hackintosh - eMac II

    matte black is a neat idea. I painted my g4 also matte black. and yes I do also not have the best tools and I destroyed now 3 front panels from a g4 (I need more!!!) while cutting a hole inside. So I do know the pain it is. try to glue some sort of small metal stick on the inside ob the bezel...
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    List of graphics cards that support Mojave

    GT 710 works fine for me. even VGA on 10.14.5
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    No Audio / VGA after Update 10.14.5

    tried something with clover configurator and now all is workin. also remove APPLEHDA.kext from efi. also the VGA is working fine now.
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    No Audio / VGA after Update 10.14.5

    nope, dod not work. On 14.4 it worked fine. on 14.3 I had also VGA but forget how I did it. I had to erase my drive because of APFS
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    No Audio / VGA after Update 10.14.5

    Hi, After the Update I do not have any Sound anymore. ALC887 And on my Geforce GT710 DVI works fine but no VGA Can anyone help please?
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    Mac Pro 5.1 mod

    Nice and clean Mod. Good Work so far. Soldering extension cables to the Front I/O should to the trick. Firewire could be a bit more complicated. I have the expirence that if you just solder the cables to the I/O Boards plugs you have to cut the traces or desolder all the chips on the board.
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    eMac hackintosh - eMac II

    ok. sorry for being honest but i think it might be your first Build? The cutting is a mess but these Apple plastics are very tough. I had to experience this by myself. The color is in my eyes a very ugly but it is only my opinion. cramping all in the space nice job. way too much hot glue but...