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    Stuck at Apple logo. No progress in progress bar

    Stick with High sierra with that set up. Your graphics card is not supported past that.
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    External Blu Ray drive not found

    Glad to help. Just remember that when using the port limit patch you will have to change this each time you update Mac OS. It should also be noted that it may also introduce some instability into your system by causing corruption of USB driver state. It should really be thought of as a...
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    External Blu Ray drive not found

    I suspect that your problem is probably related to USB port limits. I would look here.
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    Mojave 10.14.5 sleep issue = restart

    This is a problem that is related to the integrated graphics. Most people have not been able to get this to work, although there are some reports of some people that have. Here is one report of one person getting this to work, but your best bet if this is really important to you is to use an...
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    << Solved >> Stuck at 14 Minutes Remaining - Asus Z390 New Build - Mojave

    Can you explain exactly were you are having issues. So you can boot all the way into the installer, you are able to format your drives and you hang up in the install MacOS portion? Is this correct? If so there is likely something correputed with the Unibeast drive and I would try and remake on a...
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    [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions

    You can do port discovery in different phases. You can boot without flags on first boot to look at your HS ports (like you did above). Then boot with flags -uia_exclude_hs uia_include=HS01,HS02 • Change the HS01,HS02 ports to the ones you have your mouse and keyboard attached On your...
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    [SUCCESS] MSI H270I GAMING PRO AC i3 Kaby lake

    My Mini Customac Components MSI H270I GAMING PRO AC Motherboard mini-ITX Intel Core i3-7100 7th Gen Core Desktop Processor 3.90 GHz Crucial Budget 8GB...
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    MacOS utility will not launch Install macOS

    I am unfortunately having a difficult time launching the Install Application from my Unibeast USB during the installation process. I am getting this error code on the installer when trying to open the app-- Could not launch application: Exception: Couldn't posix_spawn: error 8 Every other...
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    This board comes with Intel Wifi/Bt combo chip which for the most part does not work. If you really wanted to use the MOBO m2 slot I would prob get a compatible broadcom chip and follow this guide
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    Audio Bug?

    Checking the "200 / 300 Series / X299 Audio Device ID Patch" will uncheck RealtekALC codec and vise versa.
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    [SOLVED] High Sierra doesn't recognize additional HD's on GIGABYTE Z97X-UD3H

    If you are having trouble I would just do it using terminal. You can just google instructions "format disk using terminal" or some variation and find instructions on how to do so
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    Kext installation (Graphic, Sound...) doesn't work

    other option for sound is to drop in applealc.kext since you already have lilu.kext installed, but i would try the patching option first you could also remove the other 2 Ethernet kexts, you only need the intel...kext
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    [Solved] High Sierra 13.1 won't install: AsRock Z270 ITX, Kaby Lake i7-7700, NVMe 960 EVO
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    Partition problem

    you need to click on the disk itself on the left hand drop down, not the partition. the disk that is highlighted should have a drop-down and be named by the manufacturer