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    RX 5700XT NITRO+ boot to black screen on login, but fine after typing the password, please help

    Hello, My config is: gigabyte z370 hd3 i7 9700k RX 5700XT Nitro + Everything is working under newest catalina,except when its booting, it boots to black screen, then when i type password being 'blind' it shows the desktop, and everything is fine from this stage. Can anyone help me, is it okay?
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    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    Hello Friends ! My rig: Gigabyte Z370 HD3 I7 9700k UHD 630 Not used windows 1070ti (i've used flag -wegnogpu) Mojave 10.14.6 Tried Smbios imac 18.1 18.2 18.3(this one gives funny circles like rainbow on screen) and I've tried Mac mini 8.1 I have weird graphic glitches in applications - like...
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    [Guide] Disabling discrete graphics in dual-GPU laptops

    Hi Guys ! I know this thread is about laptops, but I want to do similar thing - i have gtx 1070ti (slot 1pci-e for windows) and gtx 770 (slot 2 pci-e - for mojave) Can anyone help me with disabling 1070ti under mojave ? I followed few guides, but I'm not very good in this stuff, I just do audio...
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    I know :( can You recomend any cheap amd card that supports 3 monitors and works fine in mojave ? I'm just doing music production, so I dont need a lot of power under osx. Thanks !
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    Thank You very much for Your help, I finally managed to fix everything ! Quick question - if I would like to clean install mojave now do I have to somehow apply this patch to installation pendrive ?
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    and now something broke and says that the file is empty....
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    Thank You, I did all You said, now I'm in editor but can't find 'patches' line in my config, so i'm not sure where to paste the fix
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    Guys please help me - how can i patch this if i cant boot ? I've tried reverting to old bios but something is still wrong and i cannot get into system - High sierra - clover - gigabyte z370 hd3 - i7 9700k - newest bios ver. Some time ago I updated to previous version and found some solution that...
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    MacMan's Build: ASUS TUF Z390-PRO GAMING - i9-9900K - Vega 64 - Updated for 10.14.6 and NVRAM Support

    hey is it possible to use dual monitor thru integrated gpu ? and what other motherboards (z390) allow it ? i have an 1070ti and would like to still use it under windows, thats why i would like to upgrade to mojave and use igpu ;)cheers
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    How good is this build for hackintosh? Please give me suggestions for change.

    Hey, I wanna do the same thing, the build will 99% work fine, cause the parts are compatible. BUT I was wondering if pro tools will work good with the hex core i5 which as far as I know is not placed in any official apple computer - please somebody correct me if I'm wrong. That's the only thing...